The SBI Show: Episode 186 (Talking Altidore and Mix moves to MLS, USMNT camp and more)

Mix Diskerud, Jozy Altidore



Two more high-profile Americans appear ready to join the trend of U.S. Men’s National Team players returning to MLS, and the latest episode of The SBI Show breaks it all down.

Episode 186 of The SBI Show discusses the looming Jozy Altidore-to-Toronto FC move, as well as Mix Diskerud’s move to New York City FC. We break down what it means for MLS, and for the USMNT.

Co-host Garrett Cleverly and I also discuss the recent U.S. training camp roster, and we break down the top performers at the MLS Combine, as well as the players and potential picks to watch for at the 2015 MLS Draft on Thursday.

Give Episode 186 of The SBI Show a listen after the jump:

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  • CSD

    Jozy looks like he is going to cry in that picture because Mix is going with his ball to NYC and he is stuck in Canada.


    • Dainja


      hehe. That’s what makes Jozy going even tougher as both a USMNT fan, and a Red Bulls fan. DOUBLE DAMN.


  • Nicholas Ryder

    SAY IT AINT SO pleeeze NEW YORK UNITED Football Club

    OK folks this is at this junction ONLY a rumor Full disclosure.. ( it comes from a friend of mine who thinks she may be fired on Friday this week . She does not care as she has a new gig lined up & is pissed that her boss wants to keep this quiet for now) so I am letting it out of the bag on her behalf so no push back to her..but I am hoping if it gets out there MLS will crumble with this crazy idea? MLS is in heavy SECRET discussions?

    OK now that I got that off my chest. the inside shenanigans goes as follows;

    MLS cronies NOT happy with Miami floundering to find a field yet poor Beech’s NOT happening in 2015..?. Fast forward enter NYC and MLS pissed that as much as Gerber wants 2 teams in NYC so far the Yankee field the only option. Also NOT really viable.

    Soooo now MLS pushing Red Bulls to “share” the RB stadium like the Jets and Giants started .. The owners saying NO way. Option B since RB is in a horrible mess anyway ,yet they HAVE a field and no doubt they want to drop/sell RB anyway..? Yeap you guessed it MLS is proposing a merger of the 2 NY teams and Gerber willing to wait until Cosmos or whover pushes to become NY 2nd team.. I HATE this idea but nothing surprises me? Apparently in secret meetings and discussions now..” already have a name New York United Pleeze say it aint so”

    Soccer Impact14


  • Doug

    Ives says U20s don’t seem like a TEAM. whats clearly missing is not a target forward, its a coach.


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