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U.S. U-20 Weston McKennie signs with Schalke


Another young American has made the move to Germany to kickstart his pro career.

FC Schalke announced on Tuesday that U.S. Under-20 Men’s National Team midfielder Weston McKennie has joined the club’s Under-19 team. The FC Dallas product was named Player of the Tournament as the U.S. U-19s claimed April’s Slovakia Cup with a win over Russia.

“He convinced us that he is a robust and smart player,” said academy director Oliver Ruhnert. “In his home country, he is one of the top footballers of his year. He is also a youth international and was also captain of his team. He brings with him a lot, even in terms of mentality. We are convinced that Weston is able to play professional football. Therefore, this transfer is useful.”

McKennie, who recently turned 18, scored 12 goals in the 2015-16 academy season despite playing in the central midfield. The midfielder is not the first American youth international to join the German club this year, as former New York Cosmos midfielder Haji Wright moved to Schalke this past April.


  • Ronniet

    Ze Germans have a way with words don’t they lolol!!! Does anyone know what it means to be a robust player haha?? All kidding aside this is a great opportunity for Weston, the more youth players we gave honing their skills in Europe the better the National team will be for it. Go get em son!!!


    • Benjamin C.

      Very possible it was a ‘how do we translate that into English’ moment. My best guess would be that it is a reference to his physical strength.


      • Ronniet

        being a jerk for jerks sake huh?! I don’t make a habit of questioning things that are seemingly obvious but good for you on figuring it out all on your own


      • Ronniet

        Apparently KenC can’t speak up for himself and you’ve decided to pick up the slack which is admirable so I’ll let you have your moment


      • KenC

        @Ronniet, sorry if you though that. Didn’t realize you were being sarcastic. We can’t all read the comments slowly and carefully, this is the internet after all and we don’t have all day to monitor it.


  • Louis Z

    This kid has gone under the radar for me. Impressive numbers, I’ll keep my eye on him.


  • downintexas

    Another top notch prospect produced by the best academy in MLS. Hope for nothing but the best for the kid.


    • johnnyrazor

      There’s a similar three sided hand shake photo from Haji Wright’s signing as well apparently its a Schalke thing.


  • Concorde

    American soccer gradually getting there, sending their kids to Europe where the best soccer is being played. This is thanks to MLS academies, which are starting to produce good, athletic young players. Nothing wrong with being a feeder league.


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