Aron Johannsson insists referee misheard him prior to red card


Aron Johannsson faces a suspension after being sent off with a straight red card on Saturday afternoon, but the U.S. Men’s National Team forward insists the dismissal was a result of miscommunication.

The Werder Bremen forward contributed an assist in Saturday’s 4-1 loss to Fabian Johnson’s Borussia Monchengladbach, but it was Johannsson’s 80th minute dismissal that headlined the striker’s day. Following what Johannsson viewed as a clear handball, the forward shouted towards referee Tobias Stieler. Seconds later, Stieler was reaching for a straight red card for what Johannsson says was a misunderstanding.

According to Johannsson’s version of events, the forward shouted, “‘It’s a f—ing handball, referee!” as he protested the call. However, the forward says Stieler interpreted Johannsson as saying “F— you, referee,” prompting the dismissal.

Johannsson says that he attempted to talk to Stieler after the match, but the referee “stayed with his view”. As a result, Johannsson faces a suspension from Bundesliga play which could number two or three games.

Werder Bremen, who are without a point so far this season, recently fired manager Viktor Skrupnik ahead of a clash with Mainz on Wednesday.

  • Ronniet

    If he and has to miss 2-3 games for dissent, that will further push back his progress from hip surgery and possibly his position in the team.


    • fast right leg

      It’s probably good for his fitness as he can still train, and he’s only losing his position if his replacements play well, which doesn’t look likely the way they’ve played thus far.


  • Gary Page

    Did he say it in English or German? I guess refs these days need to be multi-lingual when it comes to swearing. Maybe next time he should use the Icelandic term; he could probably get away with that.

    Liked by 1 person

  • KenC

    The ref is never going to admit mishearing what a player said, because it would call into question his language competency.


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