MLS- New York Red Bulls

Video: Didier Drogba gets into altercation with Red Bulls fans


Photo by Vincent Carchietta/USA TODAY Sports

  • Old School

    This tweet that SBI linked was made by: Executive Editor of Metro Soccer Nation, and MLS correspondent “Matthew Klimberg”. After looking at his Twitter it appears many are bashing him for the characterization of the event and rightfully so.

    I, like most everyone, had no idea who he was or what his website was. I imagine I may be the only one outside his relatives to actually visit his website, but it’s not hard to see why he goes for the sensationalism angle. Just another crappy journalist in today’s era that resorts to such tactics for clicks or ratings.

    Based on the video we see (and the tweets about his conduct towards this “journalist”) Drogba handled himself throughout towards these belligerent fans. Even classifying it as an altercation is a stretch considering Drogba’s conduct.

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  • Adam

    eh…i’d categorize this as “handbags at 10 paces”…one of my favorite british phrases….nothing in it other than a couple of fans acting like jackasses. didier handled it fine


  • Brain Guy

    That is not an altercation. Maybe Drogba should have just ignored the guy, but that’s no altercation.


  • MMV

    I am not, in any way, a NYRB or Drogba fan. He definitely should have walked away but he is hardly the a-hole and the aggressor. This was not an altercation at all. There is nothing to see here. The two idiot Red Bull fans are the a-holes. They should be punished


    • MTF

      No, it’s not Ali. Those are the twins, both are doctors and veterans (served in Iraq or Afghanistan as medics) and have been profiled in the past by the Red Bulls in their media. They’re at every home game and must have gotten a tad overzealous in their support.


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