Arsenal's Wenger: Bradley 'equipped' for Premier League job


Bob Bradley will make his Swansea City debut on Saturday when he leads his club against Arsenal, but the former U.S. Men’s National Team manager has already earned the praise of his coaching counterpart prior to his first match.

Ahead of this weekend’s clash, Arsene Wenger spoke out in praise of Bradley, who he said will be “good for the Premier League”. Wenger, who has been in charge of Arsenal for 20 years, was quick to compliment the opposing coach, while stating that he has the credentials to be successful with his latest coaching challenge.

Wenger, like Bradley, faced skepticism when he was first hired due to his nationality. After previously only managing in France and Japan, Wenger was relatively unknown in 1996, but has since turned the Gunners into one of the league’s elite.

“Bob Bradley has a lot of experience,” Wenger said. “He’s not a beginner, he has traveled a lot and has accumulated experience in the United States. He has been in Egypt, France recently and is now in England which is certainly a fantastic opportunity for him. It’s also good for the Premier League because the Premier League is taking off in the States. To have an American here will create even more interest for the Premier League in the United States. He is equipped to deal with what is asked of him.”

“Winning is the best way of dealing with it, just [do it] after playing us,” Wenger joked. “You do not want to create skepticism because of where you’re from. What is important is that you’re qualified for the job you do, no matter where you’re from.

Entering the weekend, Arsenal sits third on 16 points while Swansea sit 17th with just four.

  • CplDaniel

    Fukin NBC made this match impossible to find. God I hate them. So to save everybody time, I’ll do their job for them. Saturday at 10amEast/9amCentral on CNBC because you should have to look for games in the News package of channels. Not like NBC should expect any Americans would WANT to find Bob’s game, or Arsenal, so hide it in the financial news channel.


    • KenC

      Come on, they’re showing 4 games on Saturday, whadya complaining about? The primary channel for EPL games is NBCSN, which has a ManCity-Everton game, so the alternate channel has always been CNBC. They also get a late game on Saturday for NBC. Anyone who’s been watching regularly knows to check CNBC for the alternate game.


    • Ronniet

      Wenger has shown his admiration for US Soccer and the growth of the game in the states on several occasions so with that being said, its not too surprising! However, your point is still a good one in that he didn’t have to say what he did considering they are squaring off this Saturday!


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