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Atlanta United opts for first Expansion Draft pick in MLS Priority Draft


As their opening MLS campaigns draw closer, Atlanta United and Minnesota United’s future roster moves became a bit clearer on Sunday afternoon.

With the first pick in the MLS Expansion Priority Draft, Atlanta United selected the first choice in the upcoming Expansion Draft, which will see each side select five players from existing MLS rosters. Minnesota United, meanwhile, will have the first selection in January’s MLS Draft.

Atlanta United responded by taking the top spot in the Allocation Order, while Minnesota United will have the first slot in the USL/NASL Priority Rankings. Finally, Atlanta will sit ahead of Minnesota United in the Waiver/Re-Entry Draft, while the Loons take the second-to-last spot in the Discovery Rankings.

The Expansion Draft, which will see 10 existing teams lose a maximum of one player, is set for December 13.

    • BW

      Yeah. Some of Donny G’s tricks I’m okay with but this is maybe the worst. Sounds like a second allocation ranking for USL/NASL players. Yawn.


  • Quit Whining About Soccer in the US

    One, it is not just the MLS Draft, it is the MLS SUPER Draft. Please don’t make that mistake again.

    Two, Most all the comments regarding expansion I see are about dilution, but looked at from a different angle, there are many that are sitting on benches that have more opportunity to see playing time now. I know with the Sounders I am nervous about who they leave open and I don’t feel the Sounders are that deep of a team this year.

    The fact that the Super Draft top pick has been very valuable, producing so many All Stars and Atlanta took the odd number expansion picks instead, seems to bare this out.

    (When MLS bombs out in CCL because the teams aren’t deep enough, I reserve the right to sing a different tune)


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