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Report: Mauro Diaz to miss rest of season due to injury

Photo by Tim Heitman/USA TODAY Sports

Photo by Tim Heitman/USA TODAY Sports

FC Dallas may be one of the favorites heading into the upcoming MLS playoffs, but the U.S. Open Cup champions will have to overcome the loss of their biggest star if they hope to claim more trophies this season.

Goal is reporting that Mauro Diaz suffered a possible torn Achilles in Sunday’s 2-1 come-from-behind win over the Seattle Sounders. The injury would certainly keep him out of action through the entire MLS postseason.

“I’m waiting, but we need to protect the players,” head coach Oscar Pareja said after the match. “The friction tonight was too much, and it’s sometimes not tangible. You can’t see it, but it’s one from another from another from another, and then you pay the price.”

Diaz is reportedly set to undergo tests on Monday as FC Dallas awaits news on just how long their star playmaker will be out. Diaz has provided five goals and 13 assists in 2016.

Prior to the start of the playoffs, FC Dallas will look to wrap up the Supporters’ Shield with a win on Sunday against the LA Galaxy after taking on Suchitepéquez in midweek Champions League action.

  • Quit Whining About Soccer in the US

    Is Pareja saying the roughness of the game caused a torn Achilles?

    First of all that seems a little far-fetched, but what do I know.

    Second of all, the game wasn’t that physical and both teams were at about the same level of over-aggressiveness. Diaz gets fouled a lot, but I thought Lodeiro was beaten up more last night.


    • downintexas

      I think the tension was higher in this game than normal. Which can lead to more cheap shots or cause a player to go into a challenge when maybe they would not normally go into. I agree I don’t think this games was necessarily more rough but like I said had a high level of tension. Ref let them play more until the end. Plus Diaz is the most fouled player in MLS, so Pareja is probably more frustrated over all about refs, in general, letting the best players get hit more. I know that tackles are apart of the game, and it makes sense to disrupt the best players to keep them off their game, but its not fun to watch if the better players aren’t playing


      • RB

        “Diaz is the most fouled player in MLS”

        But barely: tied with Quintero in that category this year, on 80, and with Martinez only 1 behind them. Interestingly Diaz has himself committed fully 1/3 more fouls than either of those other two, so that may be something of a contributing factor, too.

        Don’t want the good players to be taken out, by any means, just was interested in that particular point…


  • J.Thomas

    Seattle was out of control in this game. It was clear that their game plan was to dare dallas’ skill players to risk injury in the midfield. Roldans role was to just run into players. It was a joke, completely embarrassing, and cost the league the best player on a team primed to win the leagues first treble and compete in the CCL as well.

    Seattle is a joke. MLS just crapped down its own leg and Seattle was the procession of turds.


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