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Video: Bob Bradley's first Swansea City training session


  • TheFrenchOne

    This glimpse into their practice session is cool. I’ve never looked up the websites of EPL teams, but does anyone know if it’s fairly common for them to post footage of practices? Or is this more because they’re trying to introduce the new coach to the fans and general public?


  • Old School

    Small things count.

    I don’t think Bradley will ever be confused with being revolutionary in his profession, but his above statement in training seems to be the ethos of his success.

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  • danny kissinger

    A very intense dude. What I noticed most was how at the very end he put his arm around a veteran player and seemed very interested in what the guy was saying.


  • MiamiAl

    Bunker Bob to the rescue!!! I predict a moderate level of success for Bradley at Swansea. And by that I mean they will stay up and avoid relegation. Often when a team is in freefall, installing a law and order manager can be a stabilizing force to grind out results. Look at Tony Pullis and his philosophy when he guided Crystal Palace out of relagation. Years 2-3 in EPL from promotion are critical years for a club. If a promoted team can last 3 years in the EPL, then the tv revenue starts to come in and you can buy bigger and better players. But in order to last for those early years it takes consistency and stability. I think Bunker Bob can have Tony Pullis type success in the EPL. And should he have this type of success, then Bob Bradley will be on Mount Rushmore of American Soccer.

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    • Anthony


      Don’t mean to nitpick, but TV money comes into play right away. However, you are right in that years 2 -3 are key to establishing stability in the top flight. According to the Deloitte Report from this summer, the payout for just making it up then getting relegated the next year is an additional GBP 170 million (with GBP 75 million being parachute payments when you are relegated). If you last and are relegated the next year, the amount rises to GBP 290 million – in part because the revenue share is supposed to rise to GBP95-100 million during the 2017-18 season. Keep in mind, you get more money the higher you finish in the league.

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      • Gary Page

        That’s more than I realized. Really puts to shame what MLS clubs get and have to work with.


      • Anthony

        Yeah. The money in the premier is ridiculous. Think about it, the bottom club gets more than the ENTIRE MLS…COMBINED.


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