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Jermaine Jones ready to test open market as MLS contract expires

Jermaine Jones MLS Colorado Rapids 05072016

It didn’t take long for Jermaine Jones to let it be known he’s ready to test the open market this winter.

The U.S. Men’s National team midfielder took to Twitter shortly after his Colorado Rapids were eliminated from the playoffs to state his intentions for the upcoming transfer window now that he is out of contract.


Jones backed up his tweet with post-game comments to reporters.

“People know that I came to this league as a DP and this is where I want to go back to,” Jones told the Denver Post. “I’m a free agent now. I will sit back and see what comes. I’m not scared to go back to Europe or scared to go to Mexico or somewhere.”

It remains unclear what his MLS options are, but the Rapids might be more inclined to use a Designated Player slot on a striker in the winter market. If the Rapids decide not to bring Jones back they could then trade his rights to another team interested in the 35-year-old midfielder.

Jones expressed willingness to play abroad, but finding a big payday at the age of 35 may not be easy for the German-American midfielder.

What do you think of this development? Would you want your team to sign Jones as a DP? Where could you see him wind up in 2017?

Share your thoughts below.

  • Old School

    If the Rapids decide not to bring Jones back they could then trade his rights to another team interested in the 35-year-old midfielder.

    Mickey Mouse bullshit that MLS teams can still retain the rights to a player they have no interest in retaining. Every time it happens I’m reminded of Kevin Hartman being, essentially, held hostage by Sporting KC (then Kansas City Wizards).

    I suppose the only thing more absurd is the type of situation where incoming players, such as Drogba, where Chicago received compensation from Montreal for “discovering” him despite Drogba wanting no part of playing for Chicago and never being on the roster.


  • KenC

    It’s strange that a team should have any rights to an out-of-contract player. You’d think that’s something that could be challenged in court.


    • Josh D

      It’s because MLS “owns” all rights to players. Therefore, the team essentially rents the player and owns that aspect, whereas the league ultimately owns the player. So in court the league says, “We own him and no matter what team he plays for, we own him still. So nothing illegal. He signed up with the league not individual team.”


    • bigprof72

      sounds like it doesnt matter to JJ whether he stays in US or not, much less towards the west coast where his pop is. Maybe he and his father don’t get along like he thought they would. If they are on good terms, then the obvious option is Tijuana


  • TheFrenchOne

    I like JK just fine and he has been a positive addition for Colorado, but he seems to be forgetting that he took an 80% pay cut after his last contract negotiation went sideways NER. That message makes it sound like teams will be clamoring for his services. But recent history tells us otherwise.


  • LateNite504FC

    Assuming that he is coming into the season healthy and not planning on having surgery on March 10th, he’s still worth DP $. I’m not saying to pay him $3 mil., but as a low level DP, some club will get their money’s worth.

    I know that MLS is not into free agency, but I think they ought to loosen up the rule for DP’s. If the current team does not want to pick up the option, the player should be a free agent. This way, DCU can decide to pay his price and take a 1 year swing at doing something big with JJ in the middle without having to give up picks, players, garber bucks, etc. The way things are now, JJ should get better offers from Mexican and Euro teams that can get him on a free transfer without paying Col. anything. That is bad for MLS.


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