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Plane carrying Brazilian team Chapecoense crashes, killing 75 people


The soccer community was struck by tragedy on Tuesday, as a plane carrying Brazilian team Chapecoense crashed in Rionegro, Colombia, killing 75 people.

Chapecoense was en route to Medellin, Colombia, where the club was expected to play in the first leg of the Copa Sudamericana final against Atletico Nacional. According to reports, six survived the crash and had been taken to the hospital by local authorities, including four players, a journalist and a flight attendant.

“We are all at the club, we cannot believe it,” said Chapecoense player Alejandro Martinuccio, who did not travel with the team due to injury. “We are waiting on news, I have survived as I was injured. I feel a deep sadness for my teammates. The only thing I can say is to pray for them.”

The club, which is from the small city of Chapeco, was in the midst of a historic campaign. Chapecoense joined Brazil’s top flight in 2014 for its first run since the 1970’s before making a run to the Copa Sudamericana final by toppling Argentinian sides San Lorenzo and Independiente.

CONMEBOL has confirmed that the Copa Sudamericana final and all federation activities have been suspended until further notice. Atletico Nacional, Chapecoense’s opponent in the Copa Sudamerica final, has requested that the title be awarded to the Brazilian club.


  • Old School

    Atletico Nacional, Checoense’s opponent in the Copa Sudamerica final, has requested that the title be awarded to the Brazilian club.

    A beautiful gesture among the horrible tragedy.

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    • bigprof72

      levity yes, there are more serious issues in life. However, the game is called the beautiful game for a reason. It’s also a religion. I hope Landon Donovan joins other big stars in their 30s, such as Riquelme and Ronaldinho, and offers his services for free to Chapecoense. With that lineup, they might just take ForcaCape to another finals of a S. American club cup…..Copa Lib.


  • froboy

    Brasil woke up in mourning today. I have lived in São Paulo for the last five years and can’t remember a sadder day. Watched them play on Sunday (lost to Palmeiras who clinched the title with the win) and hard to believe all those players are no longer with us. The team is from a small town in the south of Brasil with around 200K people. They are new to the first division and were making a Cinderella run in the Sudamericana. All plane crashes are tragic, but this one is just hard to believe. Brasil is in shock, half my friends have that picture above as their profile pictures on facebook, just a day of tremendous sadness. The Argentine national team (including Messi) were on this exact same plane with the same pilot two weeks ago during the international window.


  • bizzy

    What a tragedy. This is a lost beyond words.Thoughts and Prayers go out to Chapecoense AF club, their family and their friends…..wow

    1 Danilo, 45 Felipe Machado, 13 Marcelo, 77 Matheus Biteco, 89 Alan Ruschel, 2 Gimenez, 88 Cléber Santana, 35 Sérgio Manoel, 94 Tiaguinho, 23 Lucas Gomes, 9 Bruno Rangel
    11 Ananias, 4 Neto, 50 Arthur Maia, 6 Dener, 60 Mateus Caramelo, 5 Josimar, 40 Follmann, 8 Gil, 70 Canela, 33 Kempes

    May they rest in perfect peace


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