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NCAA Tournament Quarterfinal Preview: Louisville takes on Stamford, Clemson faces Denver and more


As the NCAA Tournament kicks off its quarterfinal matches on Friday, the clear dominance from ACC representatives is clear to see.

All four of the matches in this round will be hosted by an ACC team, and the battle between Wake Forest and Virginia Tech will ensure that at least one ACC representative travels to Houston next weekend.

In the matchup of the round, Louisville will hope to ride their incredible home form to a victory over reigning champions Stanford. Given the strength of Stanford’s defense, though, Louisville’s attackers face a heavy burden to break the deadlock.

Clemson have narrowly passed their last two opponents this tournament, and Denver is likely to give them their greatest challenge to date. Clemson’s Alex Happi has scored three times in the last two games, and that form could be the difference in this close matchup.

North Carolina defeated Syracuse on the road last round, handing them the advantage of hosting Providence on Friday night. But, as Providence has already proven this post-season, they have what it takes to pull an upset away from home.

Here are the details for all four matches in the NCAA Tournament this weekend:


(9) North Carolina vs. Providence, 7 p.m.

(3) Clemson vs. (6) Denver, 7 p.m.


(2) Wake Forest vs. Virginia Tech, 5 p.m.

(4) Louisville vs. (5) Stanford, 7 p.m.

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