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LA Galaxy sign Jermaine Jones


Plenty of big-name stars have left the LA Galaxy since the conclusion of the 2016 season, but on Wednesday the club finally secured the signature of a high-profile player with the signing of U.S. Men’s National Team midfielder Jermaine Jones.

The Galaxy previously acquired the rights to the 35-year-old midfielder in December three days after MLS Cup. LA used targeted allocation money to secure the signing of the former New England Revolution and Colorado Rapids midfielder.

“Jermaine is a winner who has experience in MLS and playing against the highest competition in the world,” LA Galaxy Head Coach Curt Onalfo said. “He has a relentless engine on the field and we are confident that he will strengthen our midfield. We look forward to him joining the Galaxy as we prepare for the upcoming season.”

Jones is currently in California training with the USMNT ahead of its friendlies against Serbia and Jamaica on January 29 and February 3. He has 67 international appearances for the Yanks, and he’s played in 37 MLS matches over three seasons since joining the Revolution in 2014.

Jones is one of the few players brought into the club under the new regime led by general manager Peter Vagenas and Onalfo. Mainstays Robbie Keane, Landon Donovan, Mike Magee, Alan Gordon, A.J. DeLaGarza and Steven Gerrard are among the players who have departed the club in the offseason.

  • Quit Whining About Soccer in the US

    Let’s say you think MLS absolutely stinks. Like Whining Rob.
    Why would you say “MLS and….. the best competition in the world”

    First of all, Whining Rob is clueless and MLS is a great league.

    Second of all, if I am wrong, and it stinks, same question why would differentiate and separate with your words? Have some pride in your team and since you finished mid standings, pride in your league.

    This is a good pickup for LA, exactly what they need, well part of it…..if he stays healthy. Unfortunately, that is a big if, just like all of LA Galaxy’s season last year.


  • TheFrenchOne

    I like this signing, but mostly for the fact that they didn’t use a DP spot for him. Not sure what range a TAM contract puts him in.

    You know he will work hard, give 100%, at least until he picks up the inevitable injury that will knock him out for 2-3 months in the middle of the season. As long as LAG are prepared for that, then it’s a good pick up.

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      • TheFrenchOne

        Not trolling if this exact thing happened last season. He started so strong for the Rapids but we all know what happened. So stop burying your head in the sand and grow up.

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  • quozzel

    Even greater pickup if they can get Honda to play ahead of him. Jones always looks good; you put him with a true 10 and he looks amazing because then he really can just be Jermaine.

    Jermaine’s been wanting this move ever since he came stateside and nobody can say he hasn’t paid his dues to get it. I can honestly see him playing another 3-4 years and whoever gets him will certainly get their money’s worth.

    Only knock on him is his age; if this guy was a “real ‘Merican” he’d be everybody’s favorite player. As it is, he’s definitely one of mine and would be one of the first guys on my team sheet as long as he’s remotely healthy because you know he’ll give you every bit he has.


  • DcM

    Have you seen Bruce’s comments in the USMNT training video on Facebook? He is overheard saying to another trainer “Man, Jermaine, he just doesn’t stop, it took the other players two games to get into it and he was right there from the beginning. The engine on that guy is incredible.” Loosely translated, but it’s close to that. He is astounded at his fitness and intensity. Say what you will about his age, but that says a lot. Good signing.


    • Lost in Space

      I don’t think anyone doubts Jones heart or desire. He is a quality player and a player I like & route for. The concerns associated with JJ are….
      1) Injury concerns. He’s played 1 season’s worth of games since joining MLS 2 1/2 yrs ago. Between suspensions & Injuries that breaks down to roughly 33% of games.
      2) Age. At 35 injuries begin to pile up, and take longer to recover from. So how many more seasons will his body allow him to play.
      3) Salary. If his contract is year to year or structured based on appearances, than that’s fine. But one of the reasons he left New England was he wanted a long term deal.

      He’s a good player and a good choice for a team looking for veteran leadership….but he’s not a player that should be a cornerstone of building a team.


      • DcM

        Yep, all very true. Seems like they could squeeze a few years out of him and make it worth it. We shall see.


  • two cents / lowercase letters guy

    i perceive jones as a ‘traveller’. you have the dallas cowboys, and dion sanders joins them and makes the team better for a while, and then he leaves. and after he’s gone, they’re still the dallas cowboys. to me, this is sort of what jermaine jones is to the la galaxy.


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