Monday Kickoff: World Cup, 'Chicharito', Drogba and more


A potential major change to the World Cup could be confirmed this week, while a Mexican star insists that he won’t be on the move this month.

FIFA is set to vote on Tuesday on a play to expand the World Cup to include 48 teams, and current president Gianni Infantino says the plan has “overwhelming” support. (REPORT)

Despite continued reports of a potential move, Javier ‘Chicharito’ Hernandez says he is happy to remain with Bayer Leverkusen. (REPORT)

Didier Drogba says he hopes to return to Marseille and fulfill a promise made when he originally feature for the club in 2004. (REPORT)

Mesut Ozil says he wants “clarity” on Arsene Wenger’s future with Arsenal before signing a new deal with the club. (REPORT)

Juventus sporting director Giuseppe Marotta says the club has “no fears” that Paulo Dybala will leave for Barcelona or Real Madrid. (REPORT)

Cologne sporting director Jorg Schmadtke denied rumors that the club was looking to sign Tottenham centerback Kevin Wimmer. (REPORT)

Brazilian midfielder Felipe Melo has signed a deal with Palmeiras. (REPORT)

  • johnnyrazor

    I could get behind 12 groups of four with the top 4 2nd places advancing. Would make teams play for the win because you’d need 6 pts to finish in those 2nd place spots maybe even 7.



    It’s a cash-grab, nothing more. Does anyone honestly believe that teams 33 to 48 will win, or even make, the final? If the cup does go to 48, there HAS to be a change to the card accumulation rules, otherwise you’ll see key players sitting out more and more important games. Also, we can protest all we want about the number of teams, the impact on meaningful qualification games, etc. but fact of the matter is no one is not tuning in because 16 teams are added.


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