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Report: Galaxy making push to sign Jonathan Dos Santos


Giovani Dos Santos came into his own with the LA Galaxy last season, and it appears the club is now  looking to add someone very familiar to their star forward as a marquee signing.

The Galaxy are in serious contention to acquire Jonathan Dos Santos, the brother of their Mexican star midfielder, according to Goal USA. Dos Santos currently stars for Villarreal in La Liga, where he played with brother Giovani during the 2014-2015 season before the latter’s departure to the Galaxy.

The 26-year-old midfielder has made 20 appearances for Mexico and started every match in El Tri’s run through the 2015 Gold Cup.

With two open DP slots after the departure of Steven Gerrard and Robbie Keane, the Galaxy are aiming to make a big splash as they acquire new stars to fill the gap. Reuniting the talented Mexican midfield duo would be a coup for the Galaxy ahead of the 2017 season.

  • Scott e Dio93

    Please NO! Focus on a real star, not focus on the nationality below average player in La Liga.


    • bottlcaps

      The Dos Santos brothers are Hispanic media stars. I would hardly call a starter for the 5th place team in La Liga an unknown. and certainly not below average. In fact, if the Galaxy do not land him, it will because of a very high transfer fee brought upon his excellent play on a team in ascendancy in one of the largest and prestigious leagues in the world. The decision to pursue him, if it is indeed true, is because he will be another bright star for the Galaxy and as he is young will be a part of a very good team for a very long while. Not to mention the media and financial benefits to a team with the largest Mexican-American populations in the country.


      • Scott e Dio93

        I grew up in L.A., and most Galaxy’s support tend to be Central Americans, not Mexicans. Most Mexicans think very poorly of MLS. Focus on “REAL STAR” that would bring all Nationalities and performing in high rate in strong league. Or players like Villareal has Dennis (the Russian) or someone like Sigurdsson and “Gato” Ramirez.


  • manny

    This guy has always reminded me of Jonathan De Guzman. People swear he is quality, but there are lots of other players that can do the job. A rich man’s Will Johnson.


    • Helium-3

      A good player, but he’s not worth a DP slot. Is he good enough to help them win the CCL ? Probably not. If he wasn’t related to Gio, would they even be interested?


      • Scott e Dio93

        Agreed. There’s better players demoting clubs in EPL, La Liga, Serie A or etc… Focus should be under 30 and performing well above average in those leagues.


    • The Imperative Voice

      I assume signing a Dos Santos would be a lazier task than finding another player actually the level of his brother. I also can’t help but note that this was a crap team before Arena came, which had Beckham and 10 dwarves and was second best in town to Chivas USA. I think a certain amount of MLS success is your personnel guy and Arena was a good one.

      I agree, not bright, not worth what it will cost, not going to make them better title contenders.


      • Five Stars Upon Thars

        I think you need to brush up on your Galaxy history.


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