Report: LAFC targeting 'Chicharito' for 2018


For years, reports linking Javier ‘Chicharito’ Hernandez to MLS have swirled, but, ultimately, a move for the¬†Mexican star has never quite come to fruition. Now, as they prepare for their debut season, LAFC is reportedly hoping to be the club that finally attracts the forward stateside.

According to AS, LAFC will do “everything possible” to sign Hernandez ahead of the club’s 2018 debut. The forward’s contract with Bayer Leverkusen ends in 2018, opening the door for a potential move away from the club.

Previous reports linked the club with a slew of big names, including Hernandez, Wayne Rooney and Cesc Fabregas.

LAFC is reportedly aiming to announce a head coach in the spring, and the club is reportedly hoping to seal a move for Hernandez during a similar time frame.

Hernandez recently spoke out regarding MLS, stating that the league is “the most appealing to me, much more than the Chinese League”.

The forward scored 17 Bundesliga goals last season, and has so far scored five in 15 appearances during the 2016-17 season.

  • Bryan

    5/15 this year is pretty impressive considering he hasn’t hit the back of the net in roughly an ice age


    • Quit Whining About Soccer in the US

      Ice age? He scored 17 last year. It states it in the article even.


  • Rob

    It must be nice to be Chicharito knowing you have a mega-check waiting for you in MLS after your career is over.


    • quozzel

      Yes, because at 28 he could not possibly have a resurgence or anything else to offer.

      I think he’d be good for MLS, and I think MLS could be very good for him, especially LAFC. Playing in Hollywood is not exactly going to hurt his career prospects or marketability.

      But if you want to hate, go on ahead. I suspect he can probably live with it.


      • Yevgeniy

        No Rob, he is not. You are right for once! He is coming for the soccer, not for the football! And yes, just like any pro player – for the pay, the life, etc.


    • two cents / lowercase letters guy

      there was definitely a time when that was true, yes? like that wonderful french player yori djorkief, didn’t he come to mls at about age 38? and after world cups and stuff? and get a big check, just like you are saying. playing for the metrostars, yes? perhaps mls delayed his retirement in a wonderful way for a couple of years, he said he always wanted to live in nyc for a while.

      well, isn’t everything different now? chicarito’s 28. and not finished, professionally, yes? and mlse went up a notch or two or three since those (no offense) metrostar days, yes? imo hell yeah, he’s here for the soccer/futbol. and if you’re mexican, why not play in texas or socal and be close to home? finally, i doubt any mexican players like marquez were telling him that mls is easy these days.

      jerry seinfeld asked us if we cheer for laundry. i don’t, personally. ba and ld are gone from la, and i could easily cheer for lafc if i like the players and staff and overall thing of it better. my opinion.


    • Yevgeniy

      This is a response of someone who doesn’t rate or currently care about MLS as much as some others, but someone who is genuine, rational, and would like the league to get better.

      Rob, on the other hand, is just a part of the silly herd that just goes around and around with the hatred that is based on nothing, but wanting to sound cool by hating on the domestic league and calling soccer “football”


      • Old School

        Your assessment is fairly accurate. I’ve been very vocal and consistent on wanting to see MLS be the go-to destination for our regions best talent throughout CONCACAF.

        Of course, you’re going to have a percentage that wants to make the jump to Europe for money, competition or prestige, but I think it’s great for our region to see our best talent competing against each other domestically. It only adds further intrigue during qualification and I believe it’s the way for MLS to gain footing within its own territory.

        Give me these signings over aged “names” from Europe that only a select amount of fans will pay attention to and then go back to not caring about MLS. These kind of signings have grassroots impacts now and in the future.


      • two cents / lowercase letters guy

        are you talking about me? I love mls. it’s my favorite. I’m all in.


  • Quit Whining About Soccer in the US

    He is a hot ticket. The jersey sales must be through the roof for him. I like him as a soccer player, he is very good, but teams LOVE him as a soccer player….very high demand.


    • bottlcaps

      And that reason is why LAFC want him. He is a “statement player” and if LAFC ponies up the 20M transfer fee they will make a statement they are serious. More importantly he is an established star in the Mexican-American community and will probably sell out LAFC stadium by himself. His marketing revenue, handles properly could almost approach Beckham’s.


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