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Red Bulls trade captain Dax McCarty to Fire (UPDATED)

Dax McCarty Supporters' Shield MLS 10262015

The Chicago Fire and New York Red Bulls have completed a blockbuster trade.

The Red Bulls have traded captain Dax McCarty to the Chicago Fire in exchange for $400,000 in general allocation money split over the next two seasons.

“We thank Dax for his service to the club,” said Red Bulls head coach Jesse Marsch. “He will go down as one of the best players and captains in franchise history. At this point in time, we felt that this was the right move to put our team in the best position to succeed both now and for years to come.”

McCarty spent the past six seasons with New York and was a key starter during the team’s two Supporters’ Shield-winning campaigns in 2013 and 2015. The 29-year-old has played in 275 regular-season games with the Red Bulls, FC Dallas and D.C. United since 2006.

As for the Fire, this move significantly bolsters their midfield, which already contains Juninho after he was acquired on loan from Club Tijuana earlier in the offseason.

“Since the middle of 2016, we made acquiring Dax our No. 1 priority,” said Fire general manager Nelson Rodríguez. “In order to do so, we had to exchange worthy and appropriate compensation. We believe adding his character and leadership in the locker room, as well as his exceptional soccer abilities on the field, dramatically improves our team.”

Chicago was heavily linked to Manchester United midfielder Bastian Schweinsteiger and reportedly offered him a contract, but McCarty’s acquisition clearly alters those plans.

  • Lost in Space

    Kind of proves what I’ve always thought of Dax. He’s a decent player, but he’s easily replaced.
    Dallas didn’t rate him, DC United didn’t rate him, and now Red-Bull has shipped him out to Chicago. If his clubs don’t care enough to hold onto him, how can people think he’s International Caliber?


    • BrianK

      I would stop short of saying Red Bull’s didn’t rate him. He was their captain after all. He is 29 and looking no for for one last large contract. Fire will give him that. Red Bull’s are probably going to make a play for a marquee player and needed a roster spot and $.

      That’s my take. Good luck Dax! You were an excellent pro. Many thanks from this season ticket holder!


    • MTF

      He played in 198 games for the Red Bulls…the most of any player in franchise history. Didn’t rate him?! Nonsense. They see a chance to still get some value for him before he’s washed up, just as they did with Lloyd Sam…and while they have ready replacements. Sean Davis and Tyler Adams for Dax, Daniel Royer and Gonzalo Veron for Sam. They just got younger and hungrier.


      • slowleftarm

        I think Dax was always plenty hungry. They did have a logjam in central midfield with Davis and Adams coming through and this provides opportunities for those younger guys. Personally, I’d rather have seen Felipe go.


  • Dainja

    Daaaaaamn. They just removed the heart from the team. I agree they should’ve gotten rid of Felipe over him, but I wish Dax luck! Thanks for all the great years. Time to see the kids step up!


    • Quit Whining About Soccer in the US

      This comment implies Schienstieger was signing for sure, but Chicago signed Dax instead….not that they couldnt sign him so they signed Dax.

      You know the former to be fact?


  • gafft

    Maybe they think Sean Davis is ready to take that position full time. Maybe they have their eyes on someone and need the allocation cash. Maybe a combo of both.


  • Anthony

    The question remains if Red Bulls view players on their own teams as better that Dax now and going forward, why all the clamor for him on the national team? I know one does not equate the other, but I have always seen him as limited on the naitonal team level. Kinda like Wondo. Good for the minnows of CONCACAF, but not good enought for the better teams (Mexico) or top 20 world competition which is where USMNT is shooting for.


    • johnnyrazor

      If they are going with the two young guys you are right. If they have an international signing coming up to replace him maybe not. I am in your line of thinking that Dax is a grass is greener guy, whose game and stature fit nicely in MLS, but probably doesn’t install a lot of faith in international managers. So he becomes the easy well Manager X should have called in Dax he has better numbers than Bradley, Jones, Beckerman in MLS.

      Liked by 1 person

  • BrianK

    Word out of Red Bull town is that they have complete confidence in Sean Davis and will also look to get Tyler Adams some minutes. The team is looking to bolster the fullback and center back positions. Maybe even a forward. Good for Sean Davis. Pity they couldn’t bring Miazga back!


  • LIUnited

    Wow. Did not see that coming. Dax was the heart of the team. I would have to think that Dax was worth a few wins a season for the Red Bulls. You could see that Dax was a true captain and his play made everyone around him better. While many will point out that he is not international quality he made the other Red Bulls better with his communication and talking on the field. He will be sorely missed. I do not see Sean Davis filling his shoes. Not sure what Red Bull have planned to do with the $400K.


  • Dennis

    I was never impressed by Dax’s skills, but he was a good destroyer who tried to make it harder on the opponents which fit in well with the high pressure midfield the RB employed. Davis did well enough and has more up-side than Dax.
    RBNY need another quality CB so the money and salary space will help with that. Also, BWP still has legs, but a young back-up for him is something that needs to be considered.
    My impression is Marsch is trying to make the RB roster younger so I would guess that any player over 26 could find himself on the trading block. Of course, I don’t expect Robles, Sasha, Colin or BWP going anywhere soon simply because they would be too hard to replace; young players who can serve as backups and eventual replacements will be added.


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