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Chandler not planning on MLS move in near future


The wave of returning U.S. Men’s National Team players to ┬áMajor League Soccer will not include one of the top full backs on the depth chart. Timothy Chandler said in an interview with Kicker that he might consider a move to MLS at some point in his career, but not at the moment.

“You think about (MLS),” Chandler said. “But right now it does not come into question.”

Chandler has played in 16 Bundesliga matches this season for Eintracht Frankfurt, who sit third in the league table entering the weekend.

“I want to play in this league for as long as possible. It’s great fun, there’s an incredible atmosphere in every stadium,” Chandler said. “I’ll be 29 by then, let’s see how long my legs will carry me.”

Chandler is in the final year of his current deal at Eintracht, but he earned a new one this season that extends him into the 2020 season. There’s a good chance Chandler could play in the UEFA Champions League next season given the current form of his club. That is something he’s not ready to pass up with a move to MLS.

  • jus' sayin'

    Of all the players to consider for a move to MLS, Chandler with his stated hate of air travel and apparent inability to play in heat/humidity, would be way down the list. LoL Welcome to the league Timmy! Pack your bags- after our home game in Orlando, we hop a flight to an exciting champion’s league match in Costa Rica and then have to be ready the next weekend for a day game in Houston.


  • Ronniet

    i don’t blame him. He should make as much money in europe as he can and take advantage of playing in champions league if it’s a possibility!


  • Gary Page

    Why would this even be a question? If he wasn’t playing regularly for Frankfurt and could get a DP position in MLS it might make sense, otherwise it makes no sense.


    • Quit Whining About Soccer in the US

      I don’t disagree with you, but I think MLS will always be in play. Many probably didn’t think I would be watching Dempsey, Bradley, Altidore, etc starting in about a month…. ….but here we are.

      Cant wait.


      • Davis, Lennon, Observer & Associates

        I never understood this logic of discounting those three players’ careers just because they came back to MLS. Spoiled new fans seem to assume it’s easy for an American to be an every week starter for an EPL or Serie A team. That alone is relatively rare for Americans. I’d guesstimate there were less than 10 (non Gk) players that were weekly starters in top euro leagues. So how does being on the high end of American accomplishments equate to “can’t-hack-it” labeling?…


  • Rob

    I bet he finds that question insulting. It’s like asking an NFL player if he’s ready to move to the Canadian league.


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