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Kreis afraid Kaka injury could be serious

KakaVery little could’ve dampened the spirits of Orlando City and its supporters on the opening night of the club’s new stadium, but one of the things that could occurred in the 11th minute: an injury to Kaka.

The Brazilian midfielder had to be taken out of the Lions’ 1-0 win over New York City FC at Orlando City Stadium with a left hamstring injury.

“On another night, I think I would’ve been a lot more phased. But for me I was just ready to move on, make a decision and get somebody else out on the field,” Orlando City manager Jason Kreis said on the decision to take out Kaka. “I’m very disappointed for Ricky because he’s worked hard in the offseason and preseason and it looks like this could be a very serious injury.”

Kaka had some bright moments in his first match of the 2017 campaign, and if he stayed on the field, Kreis thought he would get something special from his playmaker.

“I’m disappointed for him, this was a big night for him and I think everyone could already see the energy he was putting into the game in those 11 minutes and I think this was going to be a special night for him,” Kreis said. “I’m deeply disappointed for him, but the team moved on and I think that’s a positive thing. We’ll find out tomorrow. “

  • TheFrenchOne

    This blows. And this isn’t a prima donna DP just trying to phone in the first part of the season. From everything I hear and read, Kaka is a total team player. Hopefully the results of the medical exam are encouraging


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