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Video: Emerson Hyndman discusses game-winning goal


  • Ryan

    He’s been in the UK for quite some time in his youth, so no surprise that he’s picked up a bit of an accent. What’s more interesting is that at times the accent comes through quite clearly, yet at other moments he sounds like your typical American kid. Quite cool if you ask me. On a more important note, I’ve always had high hopes for him and his recent performances seem to validate that he has the makings of a very high quality player that may well prove to be a Premier League quality central midfielder. That’s an exciting prospect as our CM pool ages. Hoping to see a lot of him in a USMNT jersey in the near future — Gold Cup, for sure — along with Kellyn Acosta, who was VERY impressive in the CCL recently.


    • jay

      Agree Ryan. It feels like we have a lot of wingers/forwards breaking through (Gooch, Arriola, Pulisic, Wood, Green). Who are our next CM’s? Hyndman is having his breakout season, I’m big on Acosta and hope Zelalem comes through. We need a few more. Stanko, Gil, and Trapp seem to have stalled. Who else is in the pipeline for us as a 6/8/10?


  • JustinV

    Did his “accent” sound the same to you as the interviewer’s? He’s just using some British phrasing really, but would sound completely like an American to Brits. Almost anyone who moves to a place with a different accent or phrasing will pick some of it up because it makes it easier to communicate. If you move from an area where people refer to sugary carbonated beverages as soda to a place that calls it pop you’ll probably switch pretty quickly. It’s not pretentious is completely logical. Now if he were playing in Dallas and using a British accent that would be weird.


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