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2019 Copa America set to include 16 teams

Photo by Adam Hunger/USA Today Sports

Copa America is slated for 16 teams yet again.

CONMEBOL announced that the 2019 Copa America in Brazil will include 16 teams, up from the usual 12-nation format in previous tournaments.

Sixteen teams participated in the Copa America Centenario held in the United States last summer, but it appears as if CONMEBOL was enticed enough to reintroduce the format for 2019.

According to Brazilian outlet Globo, CONMEBOL can invite six teams from CONCACAF, AFC and UEFA. One proposal includes inviting the likes of Spain, Italy, France and Portugal. Mexico is also likely to be included, as it has competed in the tournament since 1993.

  • Turkmenbashy

    Wait, what? inviting Asian and EU teams? You must be trolling Galindo! That is the stupidest thing I have ever heard! Those federations already have their tournament.


      • Helium-3

        I remember Japan played a few cups ago. Not sure if any UEFA team ever took up the offer.


      • Turkmenbashy

        Not saying it never happened. Merely that it is the stupidest thing I have ever heard. The fact that the stupidest thing I have ever heard has now happened on several occasions in no way diminishes said thing’s stupidity. Rather, it’s inherent character is and remains stupidity.


  • Jay

    I’d really like the US to get invited to this. I’m sure there are a lot of politics around the invites, but if they have 6 slots it seems like 2 or 3 could go to Concacaf (Mex, US, Costa Rica). The strange thing though is does a Federation really want an outside team winning it all?


  • Adam in Cali

    I really hope US Soccer does all it can to be a part of this. I know the Good Cup will be the same summer, but if some of the teams meantioned (Spain, Italy, France, Portugal) commit, then we really need to be there. With UEFA forming their own league, the opportunities to play top class Euro teams outside of the World Cup will be incredibly limited.


  • fake news

    NO we don’t want this in South America…Its our tournament our football…please FIFA and Conmebol money grabbers ……Do not do this, No Mexico no North and Central America and most def NO Europe in our tournament


  • jb

    We need to convince conmebol that they should take the extra 4 teams from concacaf and have a true tournament of the Americas every 4 yrs. concacaf could then eliminate one of the gold cups and have a “qualification campaign” for the Copa similar to how it is for the world cup.


    • TheFrenchOne

      I dig it. Unfortunately, they recently floated that ridiculous League of Nations format, so I’m not sure they will go for it.


  • Chase

    Fret not, my lads. America will be invited. We happen to be the country that needs to be involved if you want to maximize $$$ from the tourney… we set ourselves up quite nicely with the Centenario (considering everyone made more and actually got paid).


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