Boyd admits USMNT call-up 'won't get easier' after relegation

Just as Terrence Boyd appeared to be working his way back into the U.S. Men’s National Team picture, he believes he’s hit a setback with Darmstadt’s relegation to the 2.Bundesliga.

The 26-year-old forward, who has dealt with injuries throughout his career, moved to Darmstadt from RB Leipzig in January in order to get more playing time. The striker made seven appearances and scored one goal before dealing with an ankle injury, and now Boyd is headed down to the second division with the relegated club for the 2017-18 campaign.

With less exposure in the 2.Bundesliga and an increasing challenge against the rest of the growing forward depth chart, Boyd is worried he won’t get a call from USMNT boss Bruce Arena.

“Bruce Arena contacted me a while ago, but to be honest I need to do my work and also be a key player for my team. I haven’t been that for a number of reasons,” Boyd told ESPNFC. “I need to show myself, although I am aware it won’t get any easier.”

Boyd has only made two international appearances since 2014 due to injury issues and the lack of playing time at the club level.

  • Old School

    I don’t think the league will have any bearing on his potential call-ups. So long as he’s healthy and in good form.

    People are quick to provide a laundry list of players at the forward position in our national team pool, but this remains a squad that is hurting for healthy and consistent strikers behind Altidore. If he does both, Boyd should be fine.


    • UclaBruinGreat

      “If he does both, Boyd should be fine.”

      He won’t though. He’s too injury prone. Smart money is on him getting injured again here and there and that not allowing him to establish himself.


    • Lost in Space

      Right now we’ve got 2 strikers who are locks if/when healthy….Jozy & Wood.
      We’ve got 1 aging STAR in Dempsey….but at his age and with his healthy scare last year it’s difficult to judge how much longer he’ll be with the team
      Then we’ve got a handful of potential hopefuls….
      Morris, Zardes, ArJo, Boyd, Rubin, Green, Perez, Wright, and now possibly Sargent.

      There is at least 1 striker spot open and a number of players trying to stake a claim. Considering the leagues involved, and the players history no-one is really distancing themselves from the others.


  • johnnyrazor

    He earned his previous call ups while playing in Austrian Bundesliga which is usually ranked around 15th in Europe. There is room in the roster if he is successful next season, but he’s had two good season in Austria and other than that has only played in lower levels of Germany.


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