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Hearts replace Kitchen as club captain

Perry Kitchen’s time as Hearts captain has come to an end.

According to the official Hearts Twitter account, manager Ian Cathro has named the returning Cristophe Berra captain for next season. Berra, a Scottish international, is making his return to Hearts after spending four years with Ipswich Town in the English Football League Championship.

He will be taking on the captaincy from Kitchen, who took over as captain in September after joining Hearts in from D.C. United in March 2016. Kitchen played sparingly as the season winded down as he was left as an unused substitute in the club’s last five matches. The midfielder started only five matches after Feb. 4.

“One of the roles that Christophe will be will be returning to is the position of club captain,” Cahtro said. “I think it’s important for us to add to the leadership. Obviously, throughout the season we’ve had Perry and more laterally Don taking that position. Don’s someone who will continue to be one of the important leaders inside the group.

“We want to build a team that has more players capable of that, more players ready to take that responsibility so we’re pleased to bring Christophe into that role, and also very ably supported by Don, and Aaron Hughes also a player of experience, ready to be one of those positions. We want to add to the players who naturally take upon that position.”


  • mike

    I noticed he has been on the bench and not playing much. The games I have seen he has not been good. That awful performance in the New Zealand friendly still plays in my mind that Kitchens is overrated


    • Ronniet

      yeah, i was at that New Zealand friendly because i live in the DMV area and it was not a good showing by any means. Klejstan was also horrible in that game. Kitchens lack of playing time down the final stretch of the season and now this decision has to be one of the lowest points in his career i’d imagine!

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  • johnnyrazor

    From the manager’s comments it sounds like Kitchen’s time at Hearts may be over. He talked about having multiple leaders but never mentioned Perry in that group.


  • BombVoyage

    So what happened to him? His career was going well… until it wasn’t.


  • Mike

    His games come on fox soccer plus have it on my ps4 on playstation vue. All he does is sky the ball. Him and Bradley or Jones paired together would be awful. If you saw the new Zealand friendly he was awful in that.Bruce better call up johnsenfor gold cup he is a good player.


  • JD

    Hearts were also pretty terrible after Cathro started to bench Kitchen. The fact Kitchen could be out of Hearts is no reflection on his playing ability.


    • mike

      When I have seen him play at Hearts on Fox Soccer Plus channel he has been awful. I am basing what I am saying from the Hearts games I have seen the last one was in January it was a replay as well as that awful New Zealand friendly. If he cannot hang with New Zealand how do you expect him to hang and be able to keep the ball and make clean tackles against some of the worlds greats like Brazil, France, Portugal, Chile, Belgium, and even teams that are not as strong as these teams like Mexico who is good but not great.


  • mike

    Also JD if they were fine before the coaching change, then why did they make a coaching change then? When a coaching change is made it is usually due to poor results or scandal/ drama.


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