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Hyndman expected to be healthy in time for Bournemouth preseason

Emerson Hyndman’s recent injury caused a premature end to his time at Rangers, but Bournemouth is confident he’ll be ready to go when it comes time to join up for preseason.

Cherries manager Eddie Howe says he is confident that Hyndman’s foot injury will be properly healed in time for the start of preseason. Hyndman, who joined Bournemouth prior to the season, was injured throughout his first preseason with the club, stunting his integration with his new team.

While a preseason return would be beneficial for Hyndman’s club future, the timeline given by Howe would likely rule him out from any U.S. Men’s National Team callups this summer.

“We don’t think the injury is too bad,” Howe told the Bournemouth Echo, “and we hope Emerson will be with us from the first day of preseason. There is a slight problem with a bone in his foot but it doesn’t require an operation. We think it will heal itself.”

Howe recently revealed that he has plans for the midfielder, who made just one appearance in his first season with the club before moving to Rangers for a loan spell.

Hyndman made 17 appearances during his time with Rangers, scoring four goals while earning honors as the club’s Young Player of the Year.

  • Aaron

    I really want him in the gold cup squad. He’s too talented not to be integrated into the senior team.


  • johnnyrazor

    The GC is late in the Summer due to the Confed Cup and Qualifying. Its likely to be a MLS heavy line up as Euro based players will be prepping for next season with their teams. Hyndman, Miazga, Green, Rubin, Gyau, and any of the U20s who are playing for youth sides right now would seem to be long shots for the GC. It stinks because we all want to see them, but its better for their development and the USMNT as a whole if they stay in Europe and earn spots at their top level.


    • Ronniet

      Conisdering the dates of the tourney i think you’re right in your analysis. It would have been great to see many of our younger, rising stars feature, but they would be better served getting ready for their club preseasons and trying to establish first team merit. When you consider that many of our younger players went out on loan or couldn’t muster minutes consistently, being there when preseason kicks off at club level is more important. We may see a few younger MLS players but for the most part the GC roster will be comprised of fringe senior teamers, or regulars, depending how the qualifiers go.


    • NC Jeff

      + 1. Yep, it’s easy for MNT fans (myself definitely included) to forget that the guys need minutes on the pitch with their club team in order to become and stay solid players. For younger guys that haven’t yet fully established and proven themselves, they won’t get the chance to do so if they’re not with their club team. So, they really do need to be with their club team if at all practical for their MNT until they’re established.


  • Tut

    Rooting for this kid to have a decent shot. Twould be great to see him walk into the first day of training a Bournemouth ready to go. How he will handle the physicality aspect will be a major test. But I still ant him to have this chance regardless.


  • Old School

    Screw the Gold Cup. This kid needs to get healthy and stop being injured if he wants to stay on in a big league where the next man up is as good as you and ready to take your spot.

    I’m just pleasantly surprised he physically survived that lowly SPL league.


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