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Report: Bobby Wood set to sign new contract with Hamburg

With their Bundesliga future secure, it looks like Hamburg will also be retaining striker Bobby Wood next season.

According to a report from Hamburger Morgenpost Wood seems ready to commit his future to Hamburg by signing a new contract. With rumors swirling about potential transfers to the Premier League or larger Bundesliga clubs, this is good news for Hamburg.

The extension is reportedly expected to pay Wood a salary of about €3 million while also raising his release clause to €12 million This is to ensure that if Wood does leave Hamburg, the team will receive proper compensation.

Wood was hesitant to sign an extension during the season, for good reason, as it wasn’t known if Hamburg would be playing in the Bundesliga or the 2. Bundesliga but after a 2-1 win over Wolfsburg to secure safety, talks are moving along. The new contract is set to run until 2021 and reportedly should be signed in the next few days.

Wood was tied with Nicolai Buller and Michael Gregoritsch as Hamburg’s top scorer contributing five Bundesliga goals this season. He also added four more in the DFB Pokal.

  • Clover362

    I’ve watched Hamburg a few times this season and they are absolutely terrible. It’s a mirical they stayed up this year and if they don’t upgrade their midfield they will likely be right back at the bottom again next year. Wood get’s absolutely no service. He’d be better off playing for FC Dallas if the would pay him 90% of that salary. He needs to play with more competant midfielders.


    • wychijeff

      His buyout would have dropped from $12M to $4M if they had been relegated this year so I’m sure similar language is being built into this contract.


  • Turkmenbashy

    You guys are crazy worked up over nothing. He will play there for exactly one more year. He will get experience without service (in preparation for the World Cup) then he will play at the world cup, do well, and transfer out for lots of dough.


    • Clover362

      People don’t pay a lot of money for bottom table team 25 years old players who score 7 goals a year because of terrible service.


  • Byrdman

    I agree with the sentiment by most posters here. The horrible midfield play basically eliminates Wood getting more than 2 half chances a game. It’s Sunderland East. Very hard to watch. the center of the park basically doesn’t exist for them. I hope this is a premature report.


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