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Report: Orlando City open to potential Larin transfer

Orlando City may be willing to cope without one of its star players if, and only if, the circumstances work out for all involved.

According to a report from Goal.com, Orlando is open to a potential transfer involving Cyle Larin, but only if the the deal is enticing enough. Larin has reportedly drawn two formal bids in recent days, although the Canadian is not moving any time soon. However, it would seem as though the Lions wouldn’t force the 22-year-old to stick around.

“From our point of view, I think that we have a player that has several more years left on his contract, who’s doing well, that other clubs want, but so what? We want him too,” head coach Jason Kreis told Goal.com. “For us, it’s a situation where if everything were to fall in to place, and Cyle was to want to go, and we were to get the money we wanted, and et cetera, et cetera, et cetera, then it wouldn’t be something that we’re going to say absolutely no to.

“But I think that we are going to take a real dim view of doing anything too quickly.”

Larin has scored seven goals in 10 games this season. He has 38 goals in 69 career MLS games since he was drafted in 2015.

  • Sasquatch

    Why? I know he can bring in a fat wad of cash but he is one of MLS young exciting playmakers. I was watching an Orlando game with a non-MLS fan and he even remarked that a guy like Larin might motivate him to get behind the league,


  • Old School

    It may seem counter intuitive, but this is how your league grows. When you’re able to identify talent, nuture it, and flip it in the transfer market. Rinse, repeat for young & exciting brand of soccer.

    We’re never going to compete with the elite leagues (not in our life time). This is the realistic goal of being a feeder league young talent want to develop within that becomes incredibly lucrative for ownership, and the league. Unfortunately, we have men running the league and clubs that have no concept of how to utilize the transfer market to their advantage.


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