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Evening Ticker: FIFA warns Mexico, Dani Alves set for Man City, and more

One major federation has received what seems to be one final warning, while transfers in Europe are starting to heat up.

On behalf of FIFA, Anin Yeboah, member of the disciplinary committee, has issued a warning to the Mexican Football Federation over the ‘insulting and discriminatory chants’ of a small group of Mexican fans in the Kazan Arena. (REPORT)

After a one-year spell with Juventus, Dani Alves will join forces with Pep Guardiola once more after signing a two-year deal with Manchester City. (REORT)

Mohamed Salah will once again play in the Premier League, this time with Liverpool. (REPORT)

Following UEFA approval, both Salzburg and Leipzig will feature in next year’s UEFA Champions League. (REPORT)

Despite the rumors, Man City denied a deal is in place for Dortmund’s Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang. (REPORT)




  • Old Dirty

    My proposal to Mexican fans, replace your chant with “Bruto!”. Similar in sound and still insulting to the keeper, but without offending.


  • Blueknight

    Would change the chant to FIFA are cheats.. and brown envolope lovers ..change FIFA to another federation..before it chokes on its cheated dollers


  • Mark

    It sounded like the entire Azteca stadium was doing that horrible chant during the latest Us-Mexico match.


    • BW in KC

      Yep. All 80,000 of them. Disgusting. Time to starting docking Mexico points and banning their fans. Time for FIFA (and CONCACAF) to end their double standard.


  • Scott e Dio93

    I really don’t care about the chant. I am insulted lack respect towards National Anthem.


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