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Report: USMNT Gold Cup kit revealed

The U.S. Men’s National Team’s Gold Cup kit has leaked a bit early.

Set to be launched on July 1, the kit has been revealed early on Footy Headlines. Featuring red and navy blue hoops, the kit is set to be used exclusively at this summer’s CONCACAF tournament.

The new jersey featured a star pattern hidden within the hoops while featuring stars up and down the shoulders on both arms. The Nike kit also has a special insignia inside the collar.

The U.S. is set to begin Gold Cup play on July 8 when they take on Panama.

Here’s a closer look at the leaked kit:

  • Milkshake of despair

    Meh. Don’t care for it much. Also, it appears like the blue on the shoulders is different than the blue hoops, which is very strange IMO.

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  • SilverRey

    Would have been pretty happy with this one if it weren’t for the stars on the shoulder.


  • shortpocketsnumbertwo

    Can we go with a consistent theme that provides an identity (personally, I like the idea of a sash), and go with it? We go from sash to hoops to plain and back again like we’re a runway.


    • Jonathan Gilbert

      Please stop asking this on every post, this is a question for your cable provider, not a soccer blog.


  • Byrdman

    I like it a lot. The stars are not awesome, but I am glad to be back to the right colors. I agree with others that let’s get one look and stay with it! Enough of NIKE making money off of all the fans by changing every year.


  • Scott e Dio93

    These jerseys just get uglier & uglier! I stop buying USNT’s jerseys in 2010.


  • peterprinciple

    I like this one, but I do like it for some of the reason hinted at here. The hoops could be an identifying charachteristic.But really, the current ones are so awful, so common, it doesnt matter to me what the new ones look like as long as they are unique.


  • Scott e Dio93

    Instead, focusing in ugly jerseys, the USSF could program two or three friendlies with C USNT (under 23’s USNT with some Abroad players).


    • johnnyrazor

      The core that will make the next U23 group are the players that just finished up the U20 WC. The U23s will start preparing for the next cycle next year, there is no reason to schedule them friendlies the Euro based players need recovery before their seasons and the MLS guys largely have played little MLS this season because of qualifying and then the U20 WC. The January camp and this years Gold Cup are essentially the C teams you are asking to get games. Also who would they play, European countries unless they are in Confed Cup their players are on Summer break so they can be ready to begin preseason training with their clubs in mid-July.


      • Scott e Dio93

        Look at Euro friendlies & UEFA 21’s games. No excuse for being ready & proper development of future USNT.


      • johnnyrazor

        The Euro friendlies were during the qualifying window last week, and UEFA scheduled the U21 tournament so not USSF fault that there isn’t a tourney (Concacaf does not host an U21 division). And again where are you getting the US players from? We are not in an international window so say RSL would not be obligated to release say Glad, Lennon, and Saucedo or Acosta. Only countries in the Confed Cup can claim players even teams in the Euro U21 are not required by FIFA to release players.


  • Jonathan Gilbert

    We are the red, white and blue. It seems pretty obvious to me we should wear red jerseys, white shorts, and blue socks all the time. Pick a design, hopefully an understated one, and stick with it. This idea to change with every single tournament is absurd, and its obviously just a money grab.

    On this jersey, why are there two colors blue? Or is the arm black to keep with our wonderful tradition of wearing black? Stars should be on the shorts or socks, not the jersey. Finally, why do we not have an actual picture of the kit? This preview thing is not cool, why can’t I just get and actual picture of what the jersey looks like. I know, I know, I ask too much! I like the hoops, just not all the other stuff, which seems like overkill for me.


  • wychijeff

    Funny how if you go to multiple websites, there are vastly different reactions. Overall, I’ve seen nothing but positive comments about this jersey except for here. I for one, plan on buying it.


  • Jim

    Time for a new uniform supplier

    This is a horrible design and yet another turn away from any sort of identity for the USMNT

    There is no current or recent jersey that says USA just by looking at it and this version might be a good third jersey if that

    The best recent jersey was the Centennial version


  • Paul Marshall

    I love this jersey and can’t wait to get one. Except for here, from what I’ve seen the response has been overwhelmingly positive with many supporters planning to get one. I think it’s going to look great on the players and that along with the Waldo, it’ll end up being one of my all time favorites.

    It also looks like this is a 1-time special edition just for the Gold Cup. So it’s sort of like a 3rd kit. It’s not like it’s going to suddenly be our primary ‘home’ kit. A predominately white kit is still going to be our ‘home’ design, and whatever Nike cooks up will be our 2nd/away kit. I’m just hoping we get something really good for the World Cup next year, that’s a kit design that’ll matter and be remembered.


    • cencalfooty

      The waldo and this jersey are horrible.

      How will the design “matter” when we have a new ugly ass jersey every year?

      USMNT jerseys have gotten worse and worse since 2006.

      The last set of plain jerseys with weird ugly blue tinges and black….. yeah good job nike


      • PabloSanDiego

        We all have different likes and dislikes when it comes to kits. There’s a few ok ones, but I think most of the designs from the 1990s and early 2000s were horrible, especially anything with a sash. But that’s just my opinion. I’m not a fan of the current black one either, or the last 2 white ones.


  • Geoff S.

    This has a lot of potential. Let’s stick with this design or something similar moving forward. Finally a jersey thst makes sense. What color shorts and socks do we anticipate?


  • Goalkeeper72

    I have always believed that stars should only be on a jersey to represent championships. Other than that……..leave the stars off all together.


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