El Salvador's Darwin Ceren issues apology for biting incident against USMNT

Photo by Stan Szeto/USA Today Sports

After receiving his punishment from CONCACAF, El Salvador’s Darwin Ceren took to Twitter to apologize for his biting incident.

The San Jose Earthquakes midfielder apologized for letting his “emotions get the better of” him in El Salvador’s 2-0 loss to the U.S. Men’s National Team. Late in the match, Ceren bit USMNT defender Omar Gonzalez just moments after teammate Henry Romero did the same to Jozy Altidore.

The actions earned Ceren a three-game ban for official matches with El Salvador while Romero was hit with a six-game suspension.

Ceren now returns to the San Jose Earthquakes, who host the Colorado Rapids on Saturday.

  • jus' sayin'

    Yeah well sorry dude…… the thing is, it ain’t about having a bad rash moment, letting emotions get the better of you. Most people can understand that. It is that when they do, the impulse YOU have is to put your mouth on another man and bite him. Sorry, but that is either completely infantile or bat-sheet twisted. Never in a million years would that occur to most. The fact that a nipple twister is being almost completely ignored due to bites from 2 different players from the same team in one game is…. pretty bizarre. What the…is going on in that locker room?


    • johnnyrazor

      The purple nurpler was suspended 6 games, as he was also the player that bit Altidore.


    • Just sayin

      Get your own user name. It’s mine. I’ve coined it. I’m flattered you like it but you gots to get your own


  • David M

    I wonder if he had apologized if he hadn’t been playing professional soccer and making good money in the USA.


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