U.S. Men's National Team

Highlights: USMNT 2, Jamaica 1

Photo by Kyle Terada/USA Today Sports


  • Andy in Atlanta

    I have one question… and 1 quesiton only…. Did CD2(8) mean that cheekly little flick/layoff to Morris? If he truly did… I will bow down…

    Watched it so many times… I kind think he did…


  • Bill Minarik

    The Best Team Won – No question about it. The only thing which needs to be adjusted is the
    USMNT positioning on defensive corner kicks. With the problems that they were having early on
    at the group stage, there was an obvious need to station 2 players inside each post. Had that
    been done, the Jamaica goal could have been headed off the line. When they get to Russia,
    this adjustment has to be made. One goal in one match early on can make the difference between
    going home and advancing to the knockout round. Our men are not that good to where they can
    afford to give up anything not genuinely earned.


    • Twomilerule

      Men on the post is highly debatable. It is essentially a numbers game and men on the post are not marking an opponent. Teams either man mark, zone mark, or a combo of man and zone mark. The US usually has some height and Gonzo or Brooks can play zone but need to win the first ball in. If that first ball is not won or redirected it is a scramble. The weakness on set pieces is usually a back like Villafana marking a bigger more physical player.


      • whammmm

        It is much harder to score a corner than it is to clear it. When a goal is scored its usually very close to a post. Numbers are usually even regardless, as a couple players will sit back defensively.


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