Under-17 World Cup

U.S. U-17s draw India, Ghana, Colombia in World Cup group

A familiar foe for the U.S. awaits the U-17 Men’s National Team in India during the upcoming World Cup.

When the U-17s travel to India in the fall, they’ll inherit the legacy of the senior team’s ongoing rivalry with Ghana as the two teams will face off in the group stage. Joining the U-17s and Ghana are Colombia and tournament hosts India. The team played their way into the tournament via the CONCACAF Championship, where they took gold with a 4-3 win over Mexico in the final.

The U-17s will open the tournament with a match against India on October 6 at 10:30 a.m. EST. They’ll then face Ghana on the second matchday in Group A, on October 9 at 7:30 a.m. EST, before closing out with Colombia on October 12 at 10:30 a.m. EST. The top two teams from each of the six groups automatically advances to the knockout stage, with the four best third-place finishers also advancing to the next round.

  • wychijeff

    Seems like a tough group but I don’t know much about the other teams. Our youth teams have not fared well against South American teams, we all know our history with Ghana, and we draw the host nation to top it off. Best of luck boys!


  • LouisZ

    India is the weakest team. Ghana as always will be a team with lots of pace and physical. Colombia is a team that always plays a possession style, I don’t think they are as strong as cycles past.


      • Old Dirty

        Good thing then we are only playing their U-17 team.


      • wychijeff

        *Whoosh* I think that comment went over your head. I’m assuming Brian is referring to the regular joke that African teams have older players on their youth teams because birth records are not well maintained in many countries. Same line of thinking that led to many people thinking Feddy Adu was older than he actually was.


  • don Lamb

    Article is incorrect. The 4-3 victory over Mexico was in the group stage. They lost in PKs to Mexico in the final, which made them runners up.


  • Guwinster

    This is a pretty horibble draw considering India was the US’s Pot 1 team. Colombia was arguably the strongest Pot 3 team and Ghana (who the US has never beat at the U-17 World Cup) was one of the strongest Pot 4 teams.

    The US will need to blow India out in case we end up as the 3rd place team.


    • Guwinster

      My point is the US could have hoped for a second pansy after being drawn into India’s group. Instead we got Ghana and Colombia. At least we were drawn with India and not Germany or another true power.


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