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Report: Hopes for MLS in St. Louis could be restored by private investors

After being voted down for a soccer stadium back in April, St. Louis’ aspirations to be an MLS city are still in reach.

The city’s journey to MLS expansion has reportedly taken an alternative route: relying on a rumored buyer’s group instead of unproved ┬átax-payer money, which was denied by a slight margin earlier this year. Southside alderman Joe Vaccaro has indicated that a new deal might consist of a blend between private money and a tax break from the city, along with land giveaway for the construction of a soccer-specific stadium.

“What I believe is that there is a plan B out there and we will end up with soccer in the city,” Vaccaro told KMOX. “Now, do I have concrete evidence? No.”

Aside from a much anticipated Miami announcement later this month, MLS is set to announce two new teams in mid-December, which will be joining the league in 2020 for an expansion fee of roughly $150 million. With a rumored buyer’s group now in the mix , St. Louis can be considered legitimate contenders despite the heavy competition.

The final 27th and 28th spots are to be decided on a later date. St. Louis, if still in contention, have higher chances of punching an expansion ticket then.

  • Bob

    Hopefully it falls apart. Would rather see St. Louis in a lower division and grow a club organically than get a McMLS franchise.


  • Bob

    Exactly. And MLS would kill that. Let the club grow organically and untethered from MLS’s single entity


    • Christoph

      The MLS team would be the same owner and would be the affiliate. Wouldn’t kill the team it would make it stronger.


  • Dave Jones

    lets set the record straight- don garber clarified during a half-time interview at the all-star game that his term as MLS commissioner will be over by the #28 spot being awarded to some city; he did not say that MLS expansion will stop at #28

    too much money on the table and a lot of cities wanting in to MLS- by 2028, MLS will have 32 teams IMO


    • BSU SC

      Agreed. MLS is not stopping at 28 teams and is likely headed towards having at least 32 teams. There is too much money and fan interest to stop at 28. Additionally, 32 teams would bring the league in line with the number of teams that the other major U.S. sports leagues currently have.


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