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Michael Bradley speaks


U.S. national team midfielder and Heerenveen star Michael Bradley is fresh off breaking the record for goals scored in a season by an American in Europe (13), and has become the subject of transfer speculation, with several European clubs linked to moves for the 20-year old.

Bradley took time out from his goal-scoring exploits to speak to about his club’s success, his own goal-scoring exploits and the busy schedule that lies ahead in 2008 for him and his U.S. national teammates.


  1. Some questions for all the fans of Michael Bradley…

    Where would you like to see him go…
    (we will only pick teams that are rumored to be interested not fantasy picks like AC Milan)Here are you choices!

    and …
    Fulham (I had to throw them in just for fun!)

    This kid sure has a bright future!

    Everton-Adjusting to prem life will be easier with fellow American Tim Howard. Not sure if MB would be allowed to play in their UEFA cup games this year. They could possibly play in the CL next year.
    Great coach.

    Blackburn-dito from above, minus CL and add Brad Friedal to help with the transition. Another good coach.

    Sunderland- This is a team that could really use MB unlike the others that would be buying for the future and depth. If MB goes to this team I think he a starter by the end of the year. Roy Keane is a legend that MB could learn a lot from. The bad part of this deal would be that Sunderland are at the bottom of the table and could get relegated.

    Hamburg-I don’t follow the BUNG, but Hamburg is usually a good team and Van Dar Vert is gone after this season so why not! It would be a step up from the Dutch league.

  2. Hey FIG

    I think you pissed Bradley off, so decided to knock a couple in the back of the net today!

    I have a feeling Bradley gets transfered in this window for 10million!

  3. congrats to MB on all his success. That’s now 11 in the league, 2 in the UEFA Cup, 1 in the Dutch cup and his first int’l goal for the USA all in the barely more than half a season. And that was on top of a great showing in the U-20 World Cup in the summer.

    the only thing that spoiled my day as a USA fan was seeing Giuseppe Rossi on GolTV. as much as I hate to say it, he is a great little striker.

    I would have loved to see him paired up top for the USA with Jozy, in front of a midfield of any four or five from the following — Adu, Donovan, Beasley, Feilhaber, Convey, Dempsey and Bradley — and any one of a half-dozen keepers.

    Now if we only had some defenders with the skill to build the attack from the back, we’d be World Cup contenders!

  4. Ives,
    Just nitpicking, but Bradley broke the record for number of goals scored by an American for a first division team. Wegerle, Stewart and Casey all scored more goals in a season for second division teams teams in Europe.
    Hopefully, though, Bradley keeps scoring and makes that a moot point.

  5. I also saw a report that Everton is in for Bradley. I think the Tofees or Rovers would be good places for him. We need him playing so that we have a strong squad going in to WC qualifying.

  6. Ives,

    You have any update from Heath Pearce? He’s apparently been kicked off of his team. Is he going to transfer this week? If he doesn’t, what’s going to happen?

  7. also Justin O, i’m pretty sure Heerenveen has been trying to hold on to him but Mikey’s keen on seeing out his contract and moving to a bigger/better club…that could be why there’s no real transfer buzz?

  8. this really isn’t a big deal at all Ives, but in the future, could you point out if the interview is in audio?

    i’m not trying to nitpick, i’m just at work…i thought it was a transcript of an interview and the audio started to play!


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