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MLS Pre-Draft tidbits (and the drive from heck)

Good evening folks. I’m coming to you from the lovely city of Baltimore. Okay, so maybe lovely is a stretch on an ugly night like tonight.

My drive from Jersey was a NIGHTMARE courtesy of the snow that turned the drive into a terror ride. I won’t say how long it took me but it too WAY longer than it as supposed to.

I would also like to point out that my news about Eddie Johnson’s situation came to you from a snowy shoulder of I-95 in South Jersey. Don’t you just love satellite wireless internet? How did we live before it?

So I finally arrive and who do I find in the lobby of the hotel where all the coaches are, and all the action is going down? Yes, Steve Goff, my arch-nemesis and good friend. We did the blog master handshake and proceeded on. I will try to catch him later.

Some tidbits to deliver from the drive down and short time here:

The Red Bulls have tested the trade waters and don’t think they will find any deals. According to Juan Carlos Osorio, most teams are asking for the moon, with the moon being Juan Pablo Angel, Jozy Altidore and Dane Richards. Some of you might not consider Richards untouchable, but Osorio plans on keeping him.

Houston is NOT looking to trade into the first round. One Dynamo official denied that the club ever intended to trade up and select young winger Brek Shea, much less deal Brian Mullan.

That’s all for now. I’ll see about a late-night update from the hotel bar, where a surprising number of pre-draft deals are consummated, so stay tuned.


  1. Hey Ives- great work on everything leading up to the draft. I’ve read in a few places that upwards of 20 players have already signed with the league. Will we know who those players are once they are drafted?

  2. you know its just an MLS draft, right? it’s about as interesting as another linens n things opening up on route 17. there’s real football going on in the world. no post about keegan to newcastle? no post on feilhaber to the MLS after failing miserably in england?

  3. Ives, why do you do things the hard way? With bad weather is it better to take the train. You can be connected the whole way down and make phone calls while not having to worry about 20% visibility and the idiots sliding around you. The expense is worth the stress you won’t feel. Ought to try it sometime. Thanks for the latest news.

  4. I dont see the Dynamo trading up. I dont think dealing Mullan is in any plans, they just signed him to 4 more years with the Dynamo.

  5. Ives, pulling over to do a blog entry is truly hardcore.

    Kudos to you. Just for that, I’m gonna click on some of the google ads on your site to help put a couple of pennies in your pocket LOL

  6. Luis Arroyave reports Armas and Jefferies have been hired as Chicago assistants, and Klopas as technical director!

    that creak you just heard was the floor preparing to collapse beneath guppy

  7. I’m with Eugene, the draft may get you to the MLS Cup Finals, but it doesn’t get you a win.
    Right, New England?

    Oh, and awesome you go to Baltimore safely. Dodging icy roads and bullets aren’t easy. (Also, can’t wait for the rest of those Q&A’s, you know, just saying since someone mentioned it.)
    Keep up the good work and have fun.

  8. I’m glad that draft madness has not taken over Osorio. Considering that most of the drafted players will never amount to great pros (or even play in the league for very long), it’s definitely wiser to keep our core talent rather than trade them away on “pro prospects”. If we can get a couple of good players in the draft, great, but its really only one tool among many to find talent for the roster. And in the bigger picture, it’s not the best tool to put together a championship caliber team.

  9. Wow… did you jerk the car over when the BatPhone rang with the news about the EJ – Fulham deal? “Let me just fire up my Bat’Top so I can inform Cyberia of the news, chief!”

    I’d only kind of kidding… you are hardcore. If I were at that hotel bar I’d buy you a drink for sure. Can’t wait for more news from the draft.

  10. Glad you’re still trucking… Sounds like a hectic schedule you’ve been on!

    And, in all serious, when are the rest of the Q&As planning on being posted? I’ve grown accustom to the phrase “2 or 3 days” to mean much more than that around here but still… 😉

  11. Asking for the moon…..hmmmm.

    Just wondering. What would it be considered if somebody inquired about Claudio’s services?

    A miracle?


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