MLS Supplemental Draft Set for today

MLS Supplemental Draft Set for today

Major League Soccer

MLS Supplemental Draft Set for today


The MLS Supplemental Draft will take place today and the name most observers will be looking to see called is Ohio State forward Xavier Balc, who went from first-round consideration to undrafted after a terrible performance at the MLS Combine.

Balc should go in the first round of today’s draft (Yes, I know, you’ve heard that before). Buzz Carrick over at 3rd Degree has his list of best available players for the supplemental draft.

One name not on that list that you should look for is Laurent Manuel from Brown University. One name I would like to see taken is Villanova defender Matt Sleece, a quality defender overshadowed by the bigger names in the Big East. And yes, he’s from Jersey.

The Supplemental Draft begins at 3pm and the results of the draft are to be revealed after 4pm. I will be working to get the final list as soon as possible so stay tuned for that.

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