Your (OLD) questions answered

Your (OLD) questions answered

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Your (OLD) questions answered


Good morning all. It is a seriously slow day on the American soccer front. MLS coaches are traveling around trying to land players before opening camp next week (and before the January transfer window closes). There should be some big news emerging later this week as contracts get signed and the new crop of MLS talent prepares to come aboard.

For those of you who had forgotten, I never did complete the final Q&A session on the old Soccer By Ives site. I’m sure some of you gave up on hearing answers to them but I refused to just forget them. I know some of the questions have already become outdated but there was still enough to discuss so I decided to finish them off before getting to the first Q&A session of the new SBI.

So here they are, your OLD questions answered:

FELIX– With the Mitchell Report such a dominant American sports story today in the news, what kind of drug testing is done in MLS?

ANTHONY BOUTS– Ives, if you were Juan Carlos Osorio (assuming he is named coach anytime soon) what would you want for Christmas? players, staff, Macy’s gift card, or league rule changes, etc.

and if its not too much trouble, do you have any idea if the Red Bulls will have new jerseys next year? any chance of ever wearing another red home kit

thanks Ives

B> Any word on 2 DP’s a team?

C> How do you get tickets to the Confederation and World Cup?

2. You do know that when you say that you’re gonna post your answers on Monday, that pretty much means that they wont be posted until Friday…? 😉

3. Giuseppe Rossi is still available to play for the USMNT. But he has already played for the U-20 and U-21 National teams for Italy. So the rules are that you can play for the youth teams of one nation, and then change your mind when it comes to the full men’s team?

4. Last one, I promise! Since San Jose is back next year, and they are still without a SSS, what was the point of relocating to Houston to years ago if they’re back at SJ now?

Also, how soon is Michael Bradley out of the Netherlands and playing for a big club? I’m thinking a club like Blackburn or Everton, not Real or Barca.

However Ives, do you think Osorio’s tactics preference … which seems to be defend very well, score a goal per game, just enough to win … will sit well with fans? (Q1)

Would Preki have been a better fit for New York with his preference for an attacking style and tons of fast, short-passes? (Q2)

After all, Chivas USA thrashed New York 2-0 and 3-0 under Preki’s watch this year. Chivas USA was very effective until both starting strikers were lost to injuries.

I know that both coaches are using the talents of each of their teams’ players but I think each coach leans to a style of play to which they’re most comfortable.

2) Why do you think that American sports (football, basketball, baseball) seem to have so many issues with crime? It’s very rare that a soccer player (ESPECIALLY an MLS player) gets in trouble for anything more than a bar brawl and I find it extremely odd that this particular sport doesn’t have a lot of problems, but the NFL, the NBA, and now the MLB have problems running rampant. Do you think it’s a product of our society here in the States or do you think it’s something else?

2. Does Jozy have anything lined up in regards to training with any European teams? (I know he was supposed to be over at Man Utd. last year, but injuries nixed it.) Or is his involvement with Olympic prep going to nix that?

3. Know anything about what Daniel Hernandez (ex Metro, Revs, and Necaxa) is up to now?

Thanks. Hope I didn’t group too many questions together. If you have any insight, great. If not, that’s cool too. Thanks, Ives.

Any rumors about who DC might be pursuing on D?

Also, what do you think about the club vs. nation tensions with the big European teams (see comments about the timing of the Nations’ Cup)? Who has the power?

Also! Is Ladon Donovan going to be a factor in the next few years, or is he in danger of losing his job to the 800 other midfielders that always seem to be called up for national team camps? Do you think the U.S. will ever put more than two forwards on the field at the same time!?

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