TGIF: Grinding out a long week

TGIF: Grinding out a long week

Major League Soccer

TGIF: Grinding out a long week


Good afternoon folks. It’s the close of a busy week and today is a pretty light day on the news front.

I did some writing today, a piece for on the international comings and goings in MLS. It should post this weekend.

Here is some light reading for you if you haven’t seen these stories already:

Steven Goff’s story on Jaime Moreno re-signing (and Christian Gomez possibly leaving). I’d put the front-runners for Gomez’s services as: Chivas USA, Colorado Rapids, Toronto FC.

The Columbus Dispatch’s Shawn Mitchell speaks to Xavier Balc AND gives a rundown of the Marco Gonzalez transfer. Anyone else think Balc is going on a Rocky Balboa-esque training regimen to show all those teams that passed him up that they were wrong?

The Toronto Sun’s Dean McNulty on Toronto FC’s chase to sign Joe Lapira as well as the collapsed deal with goalkeeper Josh Wagenaar. I’d put money on Lapira winding up with Toronto. Wagenaar? Not so much, especially now that Toronto landed Brian Edwards in the draft. There is less urgency to sign him so Wagenaar needs to either take the deal or try his luck elsewhere.

And a VERY funny take on Fulham’s collection of Americans.

And for those of you who haven’t seen it yet, I make an appearance on GolTV’s American Soccer this week. The episode covers the draft and I offer my take on the draft. I’m sure the show is airing a few dozen more times before the next episode so check it out.

I will be handling some SBI business today so the posting will be light this afternoon, but if something develops or if I get a call on some stories I’ll be sure to post something ASAP.

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