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USA vs. Sweden (Tonight’s USA starters)

Good evening all. It is a clear evening in Carson, California for what should be a good first game of the year for the U.S. national team.

Here is your first look at the US starting lineup vs. Sweden tonight:







What do you think of this group? No Altidore and no Parkhurst. Share your thoughts below.


  1. I can not understand why Noonan will start for us up top. That seems a wasted option. I know that some of the other fellas I wanted to see start are going to get their chance (wynne, Jozy, Parkhurst, Sasha) If not today soon. I guess the one I really want a look at today is White. If he doesn’t get a fair run out today, I don’t know when it will happen.

  2. Noonan is even worse for team USA than Twellman. Despite being sick of Twellman getting selected I’ve seen him have good games. I watch every USA game and have never seen Noonan have even a half-decent game. Awesome.

  3. Noonan is the only one that really disappoints me. But Josy will sub in during the second half, Noonan will come out and Donovan will slide underneath.

    Eddie RObinson deserves to start, even if he is not likely to be a major player for the Nats. As for Twellman, I’ve said this before: he will help us qualify. He won’t play in 2010, but he will help us get there.

    And Bradley understands that. Vet can help you qualify as you prepare the young guns to play in the world cup.

  4. some interesting personnel choices, in particular that old-bag Noonan at RM. The Robinson and Davis selections are a bit odd also.

    Glad to see Rico Clark back in action, though.

  5. There is only one universal truth: nobody will ever be happy with a US starting 11.

    Bob Bradley had two weeks to look at all of these guys side by side. He started the most deserving players. If the other guys want to win a spot in the team, they have to prove they are better. Spots shouldn’t be handed out to players who MIGHT someday be better. Even in friendlies.

    No freebies.

    That being said, I’m sure Jozy and Marvell will get their chance in the 2nd half.

  6. It’s a terrible lineup plain and simple, Davis, Robinson, Noonan, Twellman, and Corrales are worthless and should be no where near the USMNT come 2010, While Altidore, Rolfe, Mapp, Parkhurst and Klejstan all should be there come that time. I just can’t believe Bradley would put such a lineup out there, just terrible imo. I mean Robinson in particular is truly puzzling, I mean Parkhurst is just better, plain and simple, I can’t believe Bradley won’t give him a chance.

  7. moor is a much better RB than wynne. he may not have the speed, but he makes up for in smart positional play, good passing out of the back, and good service when he makes calculated runs forward.

    wynne has the touch of a donkey and is still too raw to play full national team soccer.

  8. I think this is Bradley saying “screw you all, I gave Robinson a cap and a start, stop bothering me about him.”

    Noonan, Robinson, and Moor are head scratchers for starts. Kljeistan, Parkhurst, and Wynne are probably better players.

  9. Not happy about no Jozy. But it is a friendly with 6 subs so I hope Jozy is in at halftime. Everything else is fine with me. I really can’t complain about what Bob has done for the most part.

  10. Andrew, provide you have a good connection, you can watch the Fox Soccer broadcast via TVU channel 21500. If you don’t have the player already you can download the player from

    I figured Noonan and Twellman, and I think Robinson is getting a bone over Parkhurst for this one.
    Bob Bradley always manages to surprise me with his lineup, but
    Drew Moor > Wynn?
    Davis > Rolfe?

  11. eh, not that exciting of a lineup, but what else would you expect from this camp full of MLS’ers?
    Interested to see an Edu-Clark pairing though and how Corrales plays at left back.
    You’re in Carson, Ives?

  12. Thats the starting lineup? Its going to be a long nite. How many more chances does it take for Bradley to realize Twellman cant score at this level.

  13. it’s not at all surprising that Jozy isn’t starting, as most coaches would rather ease a young star into the National team…it’s the sensible thing to do.

    as for Drew Moor, he’s one of the better young defenders in MLS and plays for Dallas.

  14. Disappointing.

    To be honest, I only really want to see players who can grow and develop into true USMNT internationls.

    Edu is the only person on the field that qualifies for that distinction.

    We all know Landycakes, perhaps there is something in Moor.

    Dunno if I want to watch…

    Twellman? Noonan? Davis? Robinson? Conrad?

    This is an int’l friendly. Not an MLS all-star game.

    Would rather see the U-23s play Sweden.

  15. No Josy? C’mon, Bob, like Twellman is the future? Also surprised not to see Klejstan. Can someone tell me who the **** “Moor” is?


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