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USA vs. Sweden: Who should Bob Bradley start?

Good afternoon folks. We are a few hours away from kickoff of the USA-Sweden friendly at Home Depot Center in Carson, California and it is time to think about who Bob Bradley will start tonight.

Here is the lineup I see Bradley using:

My pick for the USA-Sweden lineup tonight:


Mapp—————-Edu———-Donovan——-J. White



You could also see Donovan paired with Twellman up top, with Ricardo Clark sliding into the midfield, but I would like to see an Altidore-Donovan pairing up top. In the back, I am curious to see if Bradley uses Parkhurst at a fullback slot to have a look. I’ve heard good things about Jeremiah White, but Bradley could slide Chris Rolfe or Sacha Kljestan there.

What lineup would you like to see against Sweden today? Share your thoughts below.


  1. Hey Andrew, I posted a link a couple posts above. It takes you to MyP2P’s wesbite. It has two sopcast streams. They “should” work; I’ve used them before and both have been reliable.

  2. Regarding your math, Johnny: 3 (Landon) + 1(Twellman) = 4 … lol, just messing with you.

    I predict a USA 2 – Sweden 1 scoreline. I predict Landon and Edu score.

  3. I hope Taylor Twellman has a goal so he can give the finger to Garber and the New England Revolution! I hope Donovan takes 3 penalties for a hatrick, and raises the dead from the Home Depot center. YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    USA 3 SWEDEN 1

    Now for the real predicition
    Altidore builds on his last performance. Donovan plays great because this game doesn’t matter. Twellman gets a brace b/c he’s pissed but celebrates respectably. Guzan plays well enough that the trigger is pulled on his move to Celtic. GO YANKS!

  4. I’m currently in Mexico and having a hard time finding the game – anyone have a channel on SOP (P2P) so I can watch over the interwebs?

  5. Clay it looks like the match will only be on Fox… or you can find it on a peer to peer (P2P) feed if you want to watch on your computer. Telemundo here (Chicago) is playing UNAM vs. Chivas.

    If Luis is right, as a Fire fan I’m pleased to see Rolfe in and Mapp not. Rolfe showed a lot in the few games he played last season, before AND after his injury. In particular, he was finishing his chances better than anyone on the team the rest of the year (esp Barrett). He also showed a new ability to uncork long-range shots – which maybe because JCO had him playing in a right mid position instead of striker, and you take the shots when and where you get them.

  6. i think the front pairing of altidore and twellman is good. i think donovan should play close to altidore, so he can help deliver the killer passes and have altidore close to him, who is really good at holding the ball up. other than that id like to see rico clark in the middle, hes one of the many midfielders the US has that can play a sub role for the future.

    also; mike bradley strikes again 🙂
    you know that kid is butter, cuz hes on a roll.

  7. looks good except for two glaring things:

    a) as those of us from the running commentary a few months ago during copa america can attest, JUSTIN MAPP SUCKS.

    b)landon donovan needs to play forward. we’ve seen this experiment fail in other games under bob bradley; donovan’s far more effective as a withdrawn forward than a winger. that said, i guess you were right in your prediction because bradly might vacuously opt to try it out again. ugh.

  8. Well, my projected line up couldn’t be much more different. One of us is REALLY off track, and given this is your job…. 🙁





    So, we only agree on 6 positions, and I’m not even sure myself that Dunivant will start. I think it’s actually more likely that Corrales will start.

  9. Other than Mapp, there’s really no one on the left is there?

    Apart from Altidore and Edu, there seems to be very little from this match.

    And Guzan again? Ugghhh.

  10. I like what you put together as a line up Ives. Only thing I don’t like is Mapp. But I don’t who to put in his place to be honest. The left side of midfield is really a bit weak for us when DMB is not in the line up.

    What I am really hoping for is long run out for Altidore and Parkhurst.

  11. I always like Donovan’s versitility on the right side of midfield with freedom to roam a bit and switch between a RM and a withdrawn striker depending on the flow of matches.

    I would probably do that this game to get some bite in center midfield like this:


    I like Clark and Edu’s center mid pairing to be able to defend and attack and the pace on the outside with Mapp and Donovan.

    I like Twellman’s poaching and heading ability and Jozy’s size and pace up top.

    The centerbacks are good positionally and Dunivant is good getting forward and crossing, Wynne has great pace and can neutralize the flank play of Sweden when they attempt it.

    Guzan is an obvious choice in the pipes.


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