Barcelona to face Red Bulls at Giants Stadium

Barcelona to face Red Bulls at Giants Stadium

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Barcelona to face Red Bulls at Giants Stadium



Just two years after sellling out Giants Stadium in a 4-1 exhibition win against the Red Bulls, Spanish giant FC Barcelona is set to come back to New Jersey.

Barcelona will play the Red Bulls at Giants Stadium on Aug. 7th, multiple sources told SBI on Thursday. The Red Bulls had been in talks with Real Madrid about playing that same week but those talks fell through and sources say Real Madrid is now focused on a summer tour of the West Coast.

Barcelona features world stars Ronaldinho, Lionel Messi and Thierry Henry and the match could mark Henry’s first game at Giants Stadium.

The international friendly would be the first high-profile friendly for the Red Bulls since these teams last played in front of a crowd of 79,002 at Giants Stadium on Aug. 12, 2006.

What do you think of Barcelona returning to Giants Stadium? Is it too soon after the last appearance? Is it fair to say you can’t see players like Ronaldinho, Henry and Messi often enough? Share your thoughts on the match below.

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