Careful who you root for: Greetings from Houston

Careful who you root for: Greetings from Houston

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Careful who you root for: Greetings from Houston


This exchange just took place at Goode Company Texas BBQ here in Houston:

Restaurant employee (in Spanish): Who are you rooting for tomorrow, Mexico or USA?

Customer (in clear but very American accented Spanish: USA

Restaurant employee: Why would you root for USA? You’re Latino.

Customer: I grew up here and USA has beaten Mexico the last six times they played.

Restaurant employee: That’s no excuse.

Customer: Can I get my order to go?

Restaurant employee: No takeout for USA fans.

The light-hearted exchange is the kind that is taking place all over the United States today. What Mexican fans are starting to realize is that more and more Latinos who aren’t Mexican are now rooting for the United States. That’s what beating Mexico regularly will do for you.

And yes, I’m writing this from Goode Company Texas BBQ, where I just had lunch. It was recommended by readers and it definitely gets the SBI seal of approval. Of course now I’m going to need a nap before the United States press conference at 4pm local. No time for a nap unfortunately.

I’ll check back in after the festivities at Reliant Stadium so stay tuned.

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