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Edu’s brace leads Toronto to 2-0 preseason win vs. KC

U.S. national team midfielder Maurice Edu scored both goals in Toronto FC’s 2-0 pre-season victory against the Kansas City Wizards on Saturday.


  1. Maurice Edu is a perfect example of why teams shouldn’t deal first round picks ahead of the draft — you just don’t know when you’ll get a great opportunity to sign a quality player like this and he won’t even count against the cap space because of his Generation Adidas status (at least in year one). This relates to my post on what NY could trade to Chicago in exchange for Wilman Conde.

  2. Oh god, between this and the two possible transfer rumors (which hopefully pan out) as well as Bremen winning 2-0, it has been a beautiful saturday.

  3. ron, that’s not a bad idea. if bob can let go of keeping bornstein as the starting LB, hopefully he’ll give edu a try there.
    Edu has already been used as a CB with the Olympic squad so maybe that’ll help Bob’s thinking in giving Edu a try at LB.
    Though if Edu scores a lot more this season in the MLS, it will be hard to push him in a position farther away from goal. (Though, of course, LBs are asked to push up or make overlapping runs to contribute offensively. They just aren’t part of the attack as much.)

  4. With the lack of depth at left back and left wing on the USMNT, how about Bradley trying Edu and Adu in those positions?

    Edu has impressed me with his skill, speed and mental acumen with every step he has taken right up from Toronto to USMNT callups and the Olympic qualifiers. It will also alleviate the glut of holding midfielders with Bradley, Clark, Feilhaber,etc.

    If DMB has difficulty returning to his pre-ACL form, then Adu is a perfect fit on the left wing with his dribbling ability and his skill in dead ball situations.

    Edu & Adu can be terrors on the left flank for the USMNT for the next decade!


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