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European transfer recap

Admit it, you were busy doing something else on Thursday and you weren’t able to keep track of all the player movement before the European transfer window closed on Thursday night.

Don’t fear, SBI is here to catch you up on what went down at the deadline. Here are some of the bigger moves made during final days of the transfer window and some others of note (okay so maybe some of the UK moves aren’t THAT big):

  • Rolando Bianchi to Lazio from Manchester City
  • Jean Alain Boumsong to Lyon from Juventus
  • Ousmane Dabo to Lazio from Manchester City
  • Roy Carroll to Derby from Rangers
  • Gary Cahill to Bolton from Aston Villa
  • Christian Dailly to Rangers from West Ham United
  • Jermaine DeFoe to Portsmouth from Tottenham
  • Anthony Gardner to Everton from Tottenham
  • Jan Koller to Nuremberg from Monaco
  • Cristiano Lucareli to Parma from Shaktar Donetsk
  • Hedwiges Maduro to Valencia from Ajax
  • Fillipo Mancini to Manchester City from Inter Milan
  • Maniche to Inter Milan from Atletico Madrid
  • Kenneth Perez to Ajax from PSV Eindhoven
  • David Rozehnal to Lazio from Newcastle
  • Wayne Routledge to Aston Villa from Tottenham
  • Mohamed Sissoko to Juventus from Liverpool
  • Paul Stalteri to Fulham from Tottenham

What did you think was the best transfer of the winter period? Worst transfer? Share your thoughts on the January transfer market below.


  1. Ives: Stalteri and Gardner were both loaned out, not transferred. With the signings of Woodgate, Hutton, Gunter, and Gilberto, we have a glut of defenders all of a sudden.

  2. Is it me or do things look kind of bleak for Boca at Fulham? On the flip side Dempsey will begin to play in the midfield again so that is a plus. Thoughts?

  3. Don’t forget about the transfer mess with Benjani. Looks like Portsmouth could be in some financial trouble if the FA doesn’t allow the deal to go through.

  4. Didn’t forget Alves, I left it out due to the beef Heerenveen is having with the move. Hutton and Woodgate were good ones to add.

    And I already had Maniche to Inter Mercury.

  5. You forgot Alfonso Alves to Boro, Ives. Hutton and Woodgate to Spurs were also big transfers, albeit not made yesterday.

    Oh, and Sunderland bought Andy Reid, while Spurs signed Brazilian international Gilberto on the last day as well.


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