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Red Bulls bringing Mendoza to Austria camp

The Red Bulls have invited Mexican midfielder Jose De Jesus Mendoza to join the team as it resumes preseason training camp in Austria this week. The club departs for Austria today.

Mendoza, a former striker with Chivas, Club America and most recently Morelia, is a candidate to fill the team’s need for a speedy left-sided player. A striker for much of his career, Mendoza is seen as a candidate to start on the left wing.

Mendoza had spent the past two weeks training with the Chicago Fire in Bradenton, Florida. A team source told SBI that the Red Bulls held a Discovery Claim on Mendoza before he trained with the Fire and it remains unclear whether Chicago intended to offer Mendoza a contract.


  1. I think the Discovery player system is the stupidest thing in the world!! If u find a player first, you should have a right to sign him with out asking permission! It should be a competition to sign, who ever has the best offer. Not a demeaning order of who claimed him and waiting for others to decide.

    This just shows the Red Bulls true colors. I cant wait till the fire play the Red Bull, there will be no mercy!

  2. This thing was hatched a while back.From what i hear Chuy met a Bulgarian girl on the internet and she wants to move to mexico with him and make “Chuyitos”.He called up his hombre Blanco asking for a few bucks for a plane ticket.. Blanco wasnt having it.. So he hatched a plan to get even with chuy (always begging for “pesos”) and Red Bull for .. well just being Red Bull.So Blanco sent a fake video of Chuy to JCO.. it was really Delahoya in a wig -JCO was EXCITED and filed an immediate discovery.unknown to everyone Blanco paid a coyote to smuggle Chuy to Florida, and to make it legit Hamlett listed Chuy on the roster ,he was really in the groves picking oranges to pay back blanco for the coyote.While a dishwasher from Puebla was put in a wig and played as Chuy.. again JCO was excited and couldnt wait to claim his discovery!
    well just in time for Red Bulls trip to Austria Chicago released Chuy, JCO immediatley claimed him and gave him a ticket to Austria.. I suspect Chuy will be disappearing soon enough.. Im sure he wants to sneak into Bulgaria and meet his love Hristina Unibrowskov .So dont be surprised if he doesnt make it back.. but do look forward to him ,his Oruga, and the “chuyitos” to have a Boza stand at the new stadium in Harrison!

  3. something like 12 goals since the 2000 season according to wikipedia…dont expect too much offense in the way of goal scoring from him…

  4. Mendoza will bring expierence from the international level and the very fast pace Mexican La Liga and still only 28 it wont be the worst siging as someteams are looking at players past 31 years old. Also who ever thinks Van den Bergh is the answer on the wing is clery clueless. I think a 2 year old can sprint faster then him. But, he wouldnt be a bad backup.

  5. Steve…sweet effing idea. I am behind it 100%.

    It made me happy enough so that I don’t even have to ocmplain about other teams’ garbage being invited to train in Austria.

  6. danny,

    i know RBNY has a speedy talented, right winger…. but a left winger thats speedy i never thought Dave Van Den Burg was speedy

  7. The whole discovery thing is dumb.. but its not like the fire need to sign him.. with signing the pole , and having 2 other on trial still

  8. Here we go again…..

    I still can’t believe the league didn’t schedule NY v. Chicago until the end of May and not at Chicago until September.

    Let’s rearrange the schedule and play all three games in the first two weeks of the season. We’ll put Wilman Conde in a cage, hang him above the field WWE style and the winner of the series gets to keep him.

    That way we can all get together to argue, instead of just duking out on Ives’ blog.


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