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Soccer Saturday: Your Running Commentary

Good morning folks. There is plenty of soccer action to follow today so this is where you can check in to share your thoughts and have debates and discussions with other SBI readers.

Feel free to post your comments, game updates or any other soccer-related rants in the comments section below.


  1. I need to say one more thing in defense of my stance on “key plays”…

    Obviously one play can ruin a game. I dont’ disagree with that at all. But I do disagree that a game can be reduced to “key plays.” This completely neglects the nuances than make “the beautiful game” beautiful. And it is completely impossible to have negative effect on a game without ever taking part in a “key play”. Take an extreme example:

    Your center mid sits on his butt in the middle of the center circle for 90 minutes. He never takes part in one key play–never blows an opportunity, never gives away a pass that leads to a goal… Yet, I’d say he was the worst player on the day. I’d say he had the most harmful impact to his team’s result.

  2. It’s on the internet for everyone to see, so it’s fair game: this is some of the dumbest stuff I’ve seen on Ives’ site. Not only is it completely way beyond reasonable, but it’s rather annoying to have to sift through y’alls diatribes before finding something meaningful to read. So maybe find a private IM link to use?

    Why don’t you guys go ahead say what you really want to say, “My dad can kick your dad’s a**,” and be done with it.

    Now putting the “reality” back in ‘virtual reality’ (or the internet):
    Today is a crazy day. With that terrible tackle and career-ending break on Eduardo, and Fulham’s inevitable plummet to the CCC (not to mention my school’s biggest basketball game of the season: Memphis vs. Tennessee. Go Tigers!), I have experienced a rollercoaster of sports emotions. I’m cheering for M.Bradley to score 2 or 3 goals in tomorrow’s Eredivisie game.

  3. Newcastle loses 4-1 to Man United. I wish I could be surprised at such an awful scoreline, but nothing much shocks me these days.

  4. Alright, sorry guys.

    I agree that Nobby’s goal shouldn’t have counted, in ‘defense’ of the referee, it probably was very hard to see from his angle.

    I really hope all the bad luck Fulham have had, comes back and they get oodles of good luck going forward.

    Nobby could play in the MLS one day, but he’s much too valuable to West Ham at the moment I’d say. And the whole reason he moved to the Hammers was to be closer to his estranged wife & children whom are in London, so I don’t see that happening.

    And not to pile on, but all the criticizing of the missed shots…why isn’t Kammara criticized? I don’t watch alot of Fulham, but other than a wonder goal against Tottenham he hasn’t personallys shown any abilty worth discussing that I’ve seen. Today going down the flanks he’d make decent runs in open space then pass it right to Mark Noble.

  5. Mike Carumba is just trying to stir the pot. EJ is shite not based on his horrendous technique on that volley but based on his last 3 years of soccer. He is MLS quality and that’s it.

  6. Certainly can’t blame the loss on EJ or the Americans. But EJ really did not provide any spark off the bench at all. I thought he looked a bit lost out there. Clint played hard and well but he had two good chances and was unable to convert.

    If you want to pick a single reason, you’d have to say we were outplayed at the keeper position.

    I agree that the Fullham D looked spotty enough that’s its suprising Boca cany break in.


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