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UEFA Cup: Round of 32, second leg


If you watched Wednesday’s Champions League action, and you know you did, you saw some amazing goals and quality soccer. The UEFA Cup action today may not be as good, but there are still some appealing match-ups with some big-name teams facing the threat of elimination.

You have Bayern Munich, the tournament favorites, hosting Aberdeen after 2-2 tie in the first leg. You have Atletico Madrid hosting the second-leg against Bolton down a goal and missing Sergio ‘The Spitter’ Augero. You also have Villarreal playing host to Zenit St. Petersberg down 1-0.

Unfortunately for us, Fox Soccer Channel is sticking with showing the EPL teams in the competition, meaning you can watch Tottenham against Slavia Prague at 2:30pm (Tottenham is up 2-1 and at home), then Everton against SK Brann at 5pm (Everton is up 2-0 and at home). Don’t expect much drama from either match.

Here is the full schedule of today’s UEFA Cup matches along with the first-leg scores:

UEFA CUP Round of 32, second leg

  • FC Zurich at Hamburg (Hamburg won 1st leg, 3-1)
  • Anderlecth at Bordeaux (Anderlecht won 2-1)
  • Galatasaray at Bayer Leverkusen (0-0)
  • PSV Eindhoven at Helsingborg (PSV Eindhoven won 2-0)
  • Marseille at Spartak Moscow (Marseille won 3-0)
  • Slavia Prague at Tottenham (Tottenham won 2-1)
  • Rangers at Panathanaikos (0-0)
  • Rosenborg at Fiorentina (Fiorentina 1-0)
  • Aberdeen at Bayern Munich (2-2)
  • Sporting Lisbon at FC Basle (Sporting Lisbon won 2-0)
  • AEK Athens at Getafe (1-1)
  • SK Brann at Everton (Everton won 2-0)
  • Bolton at Atletico Madrid (Bolton won 1-0)
  • Benfica at Nurnberg (Benfica won 1-0)
  • Zenit St. Petersburg at Villarreal (Zenit St. Petersberg won 1-0)
  • Werder Bremen at Braga (Werder Bremen won 3-0)

Yes, three of these matches kicked off at 11am Eastern Time so apologies for the late posting.


  1. Tim Howard with a complete mental lapse on the goal.

    Nacho Novo buries the ball late to send Rangers into the next round as the last Scottish team.

    Benfica through…

    Overall an excellent evening for British clubs.

  2. All I have to say is my team, Everton, is kicking some a**. This is making me so happy right now. The only down part is the goal on my favorite player Tim Howard. Breakdown in D. Let’s see how they do next round!

    Update- 87th minute, whew! close call on an almost goal against Everton

  3. it was lovely to watch Bayern pound the living hell out of Aberdeen. Now if they stop tying against these inferior teams I’ll be much happier. There is no excuse for them not to win every match from here on out.

    @Posted by: Nick G. | February 21, 2008 at 12:36 PM
    mentioning ‘Rossi’ and ‘Yank’ in the same thought begs debate so it’s a bit foolish to mention it and ask for no debate. You may as well yell ‘Fire!!’ in a movie theater and then say ‘but don’t freak out about it’

  4. Ives, no offense taken. Those of us who follow Spurs know that they make mountains out of molehills more often than not. Today was a good example …

  5. I can not believe that Bolton is on to the round of 16, good for them, but NO ONE would have expected that!

    Also, Benfica better get a move on or they are gonna crash out!

    Finally, what an absolute drubbing by Everton!

  6. Hamburg is through! Next up: Bayer Leverkusen. I figured in these tournaments that they would do whatever possible to make sure clubs from the same league don’t play each other (unless necessary)?

  7. Coach, that wasn’t a knock on Tottenham or Everton, I just think those games are pretty easy to predict the outcome of (I know, I just jinxed Tottenham, ah well.)

  8. Oh no, more live soccer! I work at home and have no willpower when there is a decent game on.

    I’m fine with the Spurs game, spectacular victory or defeat are always on the table, but I’d definitely rather watch Bayern, Benfica, or one of the Spanish clubs at home and down. Sorry Timmeh.

  9. “Unfortunately for us, Fox Soccer Channel is sticking with showing the EPL teams in the competition”

    Bite your tongue!

    C’mon Spurs!

  10. Freddy Adu on Benfica
    Tim Howard on Everton
    Giuseppe Rossi on Villareal

    Those are the yank players playing today (no Rossi debate please, some of us like to follow him).

    Also the teams of injured or reserve players are in action today:
    DaMarcus Beasley’s Rangers
    Johann Smith’s Bolton

    Any others I am missing?


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