USA vs. Mexico: Where will you be watching?

USA vs. Mexico: Where will you be watching?

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USA vs. Mexico: Where will you be watching?


Good morning all. Today is the big day, USA-Mexico, and I must say that their is an excitement surrounding this game like I haven’t felt before. No, not that there is more excitement, just a different kind of excitement that I believe has to do with all the new blood that will play tonight.

The game is expected to be a sellout near the 70,000 mark which I believe will include more American fans than people think. I remember the game here five years ago, when the split was probably closer to 65-35 or 70-30 for Mexican fans. I don’t think you’ll see the overwhelming majority be Mexican fans like you saw at the Gold Cup final in Chicago.

I know plenty of American fans are travelin in from around the country for this, but I also know that most of you will be watching at your local soccer bars (if not at home). My question to you is this: Where will you be watching the game tonight?

Tell is where you and other U.S. fans will be gathering tonight to watch the game so other SBI readers can see where they can go to watch the match.

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