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USA vs. Mexico (LINEUPS)

Here is the U.S. national team lineup for tonight’s match vs. Mexico:







BENCH- Guzan, Parkhurst, Edu, Feilhaber, Lewis, Adu, Noonan

Here is Mexico’s Lineup:

————-Bautista—-De Nigris———–




BENCH- Michel, Rojas, Pinto, Cacho, Dos Santos, Naelson, Villaluz

Mexico’s lineup is coming soon but early word is that Giovani Dos Santos is NOT in the starting lineup


  1. I would do Feilhaber for Bradley, too.(since he has the yellow) Edu & Feilhaber in the middle & put Adu out on the left. I think we have 5 or 6 subs right?

  2. Peter I’m having a similar problem because I’m in Spain. I believe is streaming it but I can’t access that because my computer is tiny. I think might have it as well. I’m gonna go check it out.

  3. Love it. Exactly what Id thought wed see (minus Corrales, I mean know Pearce is in the doghouse at Hansa but come on, Corrales??). Ideally Id love to see Adu in there for Convey so hopefully we get that at halftime. I also think (or maybe hope) that Dempsey will play more of a withdrawn role behind Altidore which is more of his natural position (he might be better suited at RM but I think Donovan is starting to make that his home). Heres to hoping Bradley subs in Adu, Parkhurst and Guzan at halftime.

  4. Hopefully we get to see Dos Santos and Adu sub around the same time and bring a little more entertainment to this match.

    All in all, good line ups.

  5. Couple of comments… Is Corrales international material, or is our left back situation really that bad? It seems like he is by far the weakest link in this team. Otherwise, I wouldn’t be surprised to see this played with Dempsey as more of a withdrawn forward/attacking midfielder, making it more of a 4-5-1, especially with Bradley and Clark as the midfielders (yeah, I know Bradley has been scoring all these goals, but he isn’t really a creative midfielder). Is this game being streaming online anywhere? I never thought living in England would make trying to watch soccer a bitch.

  6. Like the lineup for the US. If this formation turns out to be correct, I think Vela replacing Guardado at LM is interesting for Mexico.

  7. Well, I like that we’ll see what Jozy is made of. Jozy/Dempsey v. Marquez/Magallon is tasty.

    I also think the stronger our man up top is, the better Bradley will do. This is going to be a good one.

  8. Poor Dempsey. Will he ever get to play in his natural position? Predictions Gooch will be smoked at some point in time and if Mexico scores first it’s 2-1 to El Tri….if we score first 2-0 to the good guys.

  9. Glad to see Altidore starting…I like the overall lineup as well. It’s nice to see an attacking lineup on the field against Mexico rather than a 4-5-1 that Arena always seemed to use.

  10. hey, jozy gets the start, hard to complain. even though i like pearce, i think corrals will do fine. i hope we will get to see adu, but i think this line up can score.

  11. i think this is a pretty strong line up.. good to see altidore there. we need a win would be great if altidore scored to win it.


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