USA-Mexico: The morning after

USA-Mexico: The morning after

U.S. Men's National Team

USA-Mexico: The morning after



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What a match.

That’s what comes to mind when thinking of last night’s USA-Mexico friendly. Yes, there were plenty of mistakes and turnovers and missed chances but the intensity and back and forth nature of the match made it a truly memorable encounter.

The story of the night had to be Jozy Altidore, who delivered in a big game yet again. The kid loves the spotlight and anybody who questions whether he’s ready for Europe needs to think twice. Yes, he struggled to find the ball and make things happen, but he was a handful for Mexico all night and I can’t see him coming out of the United States starting lineup for the next decade. Seriously, can you imagine what Altidore will do against CONCACAF competition?

I’m traveling back to New Jersey today so there won’t be much posting between now and this afternoon but I want you all to use this post to talk about the match and talk about the other news that circulated last night.

Share your thoughts on all things USA-Mexico and other soccer news in the comments section below.

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