Are you ready to be an MLS correspondent for SBI?

Are you ready to be an MLS correspondent for SBI?

Major League Soccer

Are you ready to be an MLS correspondent for SBI?



Are you an MLS fan who wishes there were someplace that a fan’s voice could be heard? Do you long for the day when you could read (or even write) about strong opinions about your MLS team?

That time is coming.

Soccer By Ives is set to select 14 readers/MLS fans to serve as correspondent/columnists for their favorite MLS teams. Are you a long-time MLS fan? Do you have some journalism experience (or are you a journalism student looking for a place to work on your craft)? If so, then send an email to with your information, including club you support and writing experience, and it will be considered for one of the 14 correspondent positions.

I am looking for writers who follow their teams closely, attend games regularly, have some writing experience, and are ready to meet a deadline.

The position (which isn’t paid) will consist of a weekly piece (between 300 and 500 words) on the state of your team. I’m not so much looking for match reporting as I am looking for intelligent commentary and opinion on the teams in MLS. Ready to sing the praises of Claudio Lopez after he scores a brace? Ready to rip the Red Bulls after a loss? You will be given the task of not only providing a voice for your favorite club’s supporters, but also informing the rest of the MLS fan community about the state of your team from week to week.

So what is the benefit of being chosen? You will have your voice heard and words read by thousands of readers of Soccer By Ives, a website that will surpass 2 million total page views just three months after launching. If you are an aspiring journalist you will also have an opportunity to work on your craft and establish a name for yourself.

Once again, of you are interested in becoming an SBI correspondent please email me at Include the MLS team you follow in the subject heading and include your personal information and writing credentials in the email.

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