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Champions League: Round of 16 (Your Running Commentary)


Three of the final four places in the UEFA Champions League quarterfinals will be determined in the next two hours or so. If you will be watching, or if you want to follow along in a discussion on the day’s games, then do it here on SBI.

Whether it is Real Madrid-Roma, Chelsea-Olympiakos or Schalke 04-FC Porto, today’s action should be exciting though it will be hard-pressed to match Tuesday’s action.

Share your thoughts and opinions on today’s match action in the comments section below.


  1. Wonder if there is going to be another Porto this year? doubtful I guess, but it would be nice.

    Going into this weeks game it seemed certain that both Arsenal and Roma would win. unbelievable.

  2. “Porto equalzed in the 86 minute after going down to 0 men only minutes before.”

    Neat trick.. was it an own goal? I thought < 9 and the game was abandoned.

  3. Porto Shalke is going to extra time as Porto equalzed in the 86 minute after going down to 0 men only minutes before.

  4. Real 1:2 Roma (2:4 on aggregate)


    The first half was played at a frenetic pace with many great chances by both teams. Amazingly, the halftime score remained 0:0.

    In the second half the play continued to be fast, albeit more sloppy. After Real’s Pepe received his second yellow, Roma scored quickly on a fantastic header only for Raul to respond within minutes with a goal of his own (which was arguably offside). Real dominated for the next 10 minutes or so with Roma resorting to the counterattack. After that, Roma regained control of the game…in part by making the most of every single foul. Real’s flow was frustrated and eventually Roma put the game away when Vucinic headed a free kick in to the back of the net.

    Great game!

  5. Of course, after I say that, Pepe gets sents off for Madrid, Roma scores to go up 3-1 and I figure ‘game over’, only for Raul to snatch one back for Madrid. 1-1 on the game, 3-2 for Roma on aggregate.

  6. Pepe fouls Vucinic as Vucinic is just about to go around him, just outside the box. Second yellow for Pepe, Real down to 10.

  7. Aquilani has hit the woodwork for the second time for Roma now. Both were unbelievable shots.

    Great pace to this game!

  8. They need to take Drogba off for Alnelka because the Ivorian is flat out lazy and looks fat. He tries to flick every touch and has probably covered no more than 3000 meters ( a third of Kalou ). Put in the Birdman and lets add two or 3 more. Roma Madrid no goals = good choice not to put on the Tele. They have enough dull games with out adding one in the best part of the competition

  9. I’ve been watching Madrid-Roma, and as of yet Madrid have not looked too likely to score. Personally, I don’t see a goal coming.

  10. Oh dear. 3 – 0 at the 48th. End of game, back to work. Is no one watching the other games, or just no buzz?

    For my final contribution, I submit that Joe Cole wears the shortest shorts in professional sports. Discuss amongst yourselves.

  11. Now it is 2 – 0, and it really is over. Lampard follows a Ballack rebound with not a single defender in sight.

    Highlight of the match so far is every time Derrik Rae mentions Olympiakos defender Zewlakow, it sounds like he calls him “Jawackoff”. That, and Joe Cole’s “White Chocolate” shake-n-bake show.

  12. i very frustrated that i don’t get espn360. i’ve missed many a match b/c of it. i too think espn2 made a mistake by not choosing real-roma.

  13. Turn on the game, and within 30 secs (actually in 6 min) Ballack heads in off a Lampard cross. Great.

    Somebody out there enjoy Roma – Real on Setanta for me, k?

  14. ESPN360 is showing the REAL – ROMA game.

    Like Ives, I too am baffled as to how ESPN chose to air the CHELSEA game over this one on ESPN2…


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